Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Random Cash Hands

I played about 2 hours of cash last night and a few $22 Turbos SNG. I also took another shot at qualifying for the WSOP ME $1k and played like chit. I want to post a few big random hands and would like some comments about my play. Cash is an area I want to focus on in the future, so any comments would greatly be appreciated.

Here are the general stats from my session

PXF Hand History Analyzer
General Statistics: (through hand 196)

Total hands played: 196

Hands won: 41 (21%)
Hands won preflop: 15 (8%)
Hands won at flop: 10 (5%)
Hands won at turn: 6 (3%)
Hands won at river: 10 (5%)

Preflop Luck Statistics: (beta)
Premium Hands: 13 (6.6% exp: 3.3%)
Strong Hands: 4 (2.0% exp: 3.0%)
Moderate Hands: 15 (7.7% exp: 8.3%)
Borderline Hands: 20 (10.2% exp: 7.5%)
Garbage Hands: 144 (73.5% exp: 77.8%)
PUFF™: 98 (50 = average luck)

Preflop Statistics: (through hand 196)
Preflop total actions: 197
Preflop limps: 30 (15%)
Preflop Raises: 23 (12%)

Preflop Bets: 0 (0%)
Preflop Calls: 39 (20%)
Preflop Checks: 8 (4%)
Preflop Folds: 127 (64%)

Flop Statistics: (through hand 196)
Flop total actions: 66
Saw flop: 54 (28%)
Saw flop in SB: 15 (28%)
Saw flop in BB: 13 (24%)
Saw flop in other positions: 26 (48%)
Flop Raises: 4 (6%)
Flop Bets: 13 (20%)

Turn Statistics: (through hand 196)
Saw turn: 34 (17%)
Saw turn in SB: 11 (32%)
Saw turn in BB: 6 (18%)
Saw turn in other positions: 17 (50%)
Turn Raises: 1 (3%)
Turn Bets: 8 (20%)
Turn Calls: 4 (10%)

River Statistics: (through hand 196)
Saw river: 19 (10%)
Saw river in SB: 5 (26%)
Saw river in BB: 3 (16%)
Saw river in other positions: 11 (58%)
River Raises: 1 (7%)
River Bets: 5 (33%)
River Calls: 2 (13%)

Here are a few key hands that I want to discuss

First let me say I was catching some cards during this session but not getting much action. The Green represents pots won and Red are pots lost. Of the three big hands I played with premium hands I won 1 and lost 2. Lets look at these 2 losing hands in more detail and see if there was any way to minimize the losses or if I missed an opportunity to maximize the gain.

Hand #85, I am on the button and dealt JcJd. The pot is fold to me and I make a standard raise to $7. SB calls, BB folds and we see a flop of 9s2c7c, SB checks I make it $10, SB calls. Turn is a Ks, action is check, check. (this is were I made first big mistake by not at least finding out were I was and let the flush draws take a free card, I just remember thinking that K hit him and he was looking for a check raise) River is a 4 clubs and SB wakes up and fires $26 bet into the pot and I make the crying call and get my just rewards for a dumb hand played.

I totally screwed this hand up and I am mad for not letting it go and minimizing my loss, not to mention the fact that I let him draw on the turn for free.

Next hand I want to talk about is hand #105. I am in the SB AsKh, folded to the button who calls and then SB pops it to $10. Up to that point the SB had be playing pretty straight forward and largest raise I had seen was $7 and most of the hands he had shown were decent hands. I put him on mid pair and decide that I will try to end now with a re-raise to $32. Button folds and SB smooth calls. Pot is now $66. Now I remember being puzzled by this call and now broaden my range of hands from mid pair to QQ, AJ to AK. Flop is 5h4cAd and this looks like I have hit the best flop I could see, SB checks and I fire $28 and the SB smooth calls. DANGER WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Now I put him on AJ - AK and mostly remember praying NO EFFN QUEEN! The turn is Qd, phuck! I bet $5o and Sb goes All In for $138 and I justify the call of the additional $80 dollars into a $398 pot and am not surprised to find out I am behind but shocked to find out I am drawing dead.

Here is the 1st question would anyone else have put him on AA the way it played. Does anyone else play AA this way from SB by raising 5x? 2nd question do you make the all in call for the additional $85 or should I have been able to throw this away. Comments please.

Last hand I want to talk about is hand # 177, I am on the button and dealt 9h9c, MP player calls I and I raise a pot sized bet to $9, SB and BB fold and MP calls. Pot =$21. Flop comes 4dQs5h and the MP fires $21 which leaves him $40. To me the bet screamed bluff. For one if he had AQ or KQ he would check with the intention of check raising, same thing with set. So I put him on straight draw or pairs up to 88, I ruled out 1010 and JJ because I believe they would have re-raised preflop however I did considered it but if that is what the have I am going to double him. So I re raise him enough to put him all in. He insta calls and I figure I am screwed to the over pair or fading the straight draw.

But no he flip the 43 (but they were sooted) and I scooped a nice $143 pot.

All in all I ended up only down about $20 for the session, which was a major accomplishment given that I played those two big pots so poorly.

Tonight I am looking for a final table in the M00K . I am really going to try to bring my A game which has been eluding me since my ME win 2 weeks ago. I also will try one more time to satellite into the $1K WSOP ME qualifier, I think this is the best shot at the ME package with a 1 in twelve shot.


Doog said...

First off, I am far from a cash game expert - I prefer SnG and MTT play and I actually pretty much suck donkey balls at cash game play. That said...

I can't add anything to hand #85. You've already self-flagellated enough about that one, and IMHO you identified the two big mistakes (free card on the turn, crying call on the river).

In hand #105, you ask if anyone could put him on AA with the way he played. My antannae always go up when someone at a table does something out of character. You said "Up to that point the SB had be playing pretty straight forward and largest raise I had seen was $7", but this was a raise to $10. Not a big difference, but enough that I'd take note of it (as you did too). Secondly, "most of the hands he had shown were decent hands". Sounds like a pretty standard TAG to me, except that odd-sized bet (for this opponent) would have me paying a little closer attention. It's the check/smooth call on the flop that grabs my attention. I'm not sure if, given that the Q on the turn is a scare card, I'd have continued to fire. What could he have that you'd beat? Only AJ or lower, which he probably wouldn't check/call with on the turn. I'd have checked the turn behind and waited to see what he did on the river. But that's just me, a self-professed cash-game donk.

Two pieces of poker advice that are my mantra when I'm playing cash - "Never go brok with just one pair" and "Most bets are what they seem to be". That's helped me a lot in my cash game progress (such as it is).

On hand #177, I'm with you that the flop bet clearly looks like a stab. I don't like his limp/call preflop with nany suited connectors, and though I don't mind his stab at the pot on the flop, I'm baffled by his call. He had to know he was behind and drawing to five outs (plus the backdoor straight), your he called off the rest of his chips getting ~1:3.6 on his money when he was only ~1:5 to win. I don't have any fault with your play at all, good job stacking this donkey!

oossuuu754 said...

Doog, thanks for for the comment. And I agree exactly with the assesment of the AK vs AA hand. I just have to be more disciplined to throw it away even though I committed 1/3 of my stack.