Wednesday, May 16, 2007

100 Things about me that you wished you never knew

I was tagged by poker4peace for the 7 things, well I had already started on my 100 Random Facts so I will just post them instead and you can pick your favorite 7. Before I get to them I will go ahead tag my five and here they are:






  1. There were 26 in my Graduating Class in High School.
  2. I graduated 5th in my class with a 3.86 (4 girls had 4.0)
  3. We played 8 man Football and I was 2nd team all district my Sr. Year
  4. When I was in the 8th grade I contracted Spinal Meningitis and spent 3 weeks in the Hospital.
  5. My Freshman year in College I was elected State Vice President for the 18,000 members of the Oklahoma's FFA.
  6. I exhibited Cattle in High School and once won $25,000 as the Grand Champion at the National Western Livestock Show in Denver Colorado.
  7. I acquired my Pilot's Licence in college and have an instrument rating, but haven't flown in over 10 years.
  8. As a student pilot I lacerated my eyebrow during a preflight check, it didn't start bleeding immediately so I continued my solo cross country flight and landed a destination about an hour later. When I landed the plane a gentleman at the airport came out to fill up my plane but nearly passed out because I was covered in blood and didn't realize it.
  9. I got married my Jr. year in college.
  10. I went 3 years straight without a break in college to finish up as quickly as possible.
  11. I have a BS and MS in Agricultural Economics from Oklahoma State University.
  12. In my adult life I have lived in the following places in order, Stillwater OK, Plainview TX, Ft. Worth TX, Denver CO, Omaha NE, Alex OK and Oklahoma City OK
  13. My first wife and I divorced on our 13th year of marriage.
  14. My first wife is a quasi-tv star, she is an auctioneer on the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction.
  15. I met the love of my life (my current wife) on an online dating service
  16. We were married (May 8, 2003) in Las Vegas in the back of a Limo at the Little White Wedding Chapel.
  17. 30 minutes before we flew out to Vegas to be married, a tornado touchdown 5 miles from the Airport and delayed our flight causing us to almost miss or connection in Phoenix.
  18. I have five kids. 2 daughters, 2 step daughters and a son.
  19. When I was 17 I witnessed a relative being shot during a fight that I was trying to break up.
  20. I know first hand the scares that adultery can have on marriage.
  21. I have only had 3 loves in my life, and am glad I found true love this time.
  22. On my first date I had after my divorce I got my only tattoo - Pistol Pete the Oklahoma State Cowboy Mascot, the lady I went out with got her navel pierced,
  23. My wife got her Master Degree and is a fan of the one college I truly don't like - OU
  24. I use to raise and show Siberian Huskies and once took a top5 in a National Show with more than 700 entries.
  25. The huge majority of my best friends are females.
  26. Chances are that you have eaten a Hamburger that I purchased the meat for. I am a purchasing manager for one the largest hamburger patty makers in the US,
  27. I owned my own Pickup Truck Accessory Business for about 2 years.
  28. I was a registered Commodity Broker for 5 Years.
  29. I moved to Chicago one summer, without knowing a soul and interned on the Chicago Board of Trade.
  30. I have landed a plane on the Meiggs Field Airport, which is now closed. For those you that don't know where this is it right across the street from Soldier Field in Chicago and is about 7/8 surrounded by water.
  31. My Poker Playing name (oossuuu754) was derived from obviously OSU, the 754 was added at to my sign on at the online dating site (where I met my wife) and it has just stuck.
  32. The Main Event at World Series will be the first time I have ever played live poker in Vegas. I haven't been to Vegas since 2003.
  33. I like so many others was lured to Poker because of Moneymaker and the WPT.
  34. As a personal challenge to myself I didn't drink a soft drink the entire year of 2006 but on January 1, 2007 I started right back to the tune of 2 or 3 a day.
  35. Diet Mt. Dew is the soda of choice.
  36. Mexican Food would be my last meal.
  37. Coors Light, Tecate or Michelob Ultra are the Beer's in my fridge.
  38. I have alcoholic tendencies - so I try to stay away from hard liquor. But If I drink hard liquor it usually a pinkie up type drink.
  39. I am 6'1 and about 35 lbs to heavy
  40. I once lost $10K in about 5 minutes on a commodity trade.
  41. I have never smoked pot or tried any other illegal drugs to get high. I drank like a fish and did a round of steroids in High School and that was it.
  42. The first Casino I went to was in the Bahama's when I was 18, my dad sat me down at Blackjack table and showed me how to play. 30 minutes later I got up and left his table and went to my own. I won $4k that week but have never had that kind of score (besides online) in a casino since.
  43. Drowning or being burned alive would be the absolute two worst ways to die. IMO
  44. I don't think I could ever touch a dead body.
  45. If I smell Tequila it will induce a Gag reflex, however I can drink it in a Margarita.
  46. I am really good a my job and can do it in my sleep, but I don't like it and long for more challenges.
  47. I have one sister, one 1/2 brother and one step sister.
  48. I am tolerant of "alternative lifestyles" because I have a sibling and cousins that have chosen that lifestyle. I don't approve but I still love them.
  49. I have only recently "learned" to like myself.
  50. I turned down my "dream" job in Memphis because my X didn't want to move out of Oklahoma. If I took the job it would mean that I only got to see my daughters on the weekends. Less than 1 year and 1/2 later we were divorced and she move to Texas to work and eventually marry her Boyfriend.
  51. My first computer was a Radio Shack TRS 80 - circa 1978.
  52. I first got online in 1993 - Hello, you've got mail.
  53. I got my first mobile phone in 1992, first cell phone in 1995.
  54. I long to travel and see the world.
  55. I would love to be on the Amazing Race.
  56. Republican - but I didn't vote in the last elections
  57. I own4 guns
  58. I don't really like to "hunt or fish" and I have never been camping and don't really plan on going.
  59. 80s Rock rules - from "Hair Bands to Heavy Metal"
  60. First car was 1971 Mach 1 Mustang
  61. Dream car is a 1959-62 Corvette
  62. I long to succeed but don't know how to measure success.
  63. I hate snakes - do to a childhood run in with a bull snake.
  64. I watch way to much poker on TV
  65. We were told by an emergency room physician that we "lost" or son early in the pregnancy and didn't find out we didn't until 3 weeks later.
  66. My wife bought me a subscription to Playboy for Christmas but some of them are still in the mailer envelopes.
  67. My Grandfather was robbed and murdered at his business in the mid 80s and they never solved the case.
  68. I was born on St. Patrick's Day
  69. The year I was born
  70. My High School Football Jersey Number
  71. I don't deserve my kids or my wife but I thank GOD for them every day.
  72. I long to renew my spiritual relationship with GOD, but just not there yet.
  73. Even though I am/was a pilot, I still say a prayer before every takeoff when I fly commercially.
  74. I have owned in my life an Sports Car, Airplane, Boat, and Custom Street Motorcycle but I don't own any of these at the present.
  75. I don't have a favorite movie per Se but I like the action and comedy genre. I will always watch any of the Star Wars movies if they are on. Armageddon is another one I seem to watch over and over.
  76. I had an authentic fake ID that expired 2 weeks before I turned 21.
  77. I have lost more money (or been responsible for losing) than most average people would earn in 10 years. This is not gambling losses, these were losses sustained in the futures market. While this is not something I am proud of, I do believe it gives me an advantage on the felt because I have a certain disregard for money which all successful card players must overcome.
  78. I saved my company a documented $1 million dollars in the 2006 calender year.
  79. Last year I purchased over 100 million lbs of beef to make into hamburgers.
  80. In April 15, 1996 I had knee surgery that morning and that afternoon went in to quit my job to go to work for the competition.
  81. 6 months later I was fired from the new job.
  82. It takes a lot to push me over the edge, but if I reach that point watch out I don't care who you are just ask some of my bosses.
  83. I learned how drive when I was 4 or 5 on the farm and there isn't anything with a motor that I cant operate but don't you dare ask me to work on them because I am not a very good mechanic.
  84. I lost my virginity the night before the biggest (and last) HS football game in my life and didn't sleep at all that night, we lost the game 40 - 14
  85. For 2 weeks in college I worked the Graveyard Shift in a Convenience Store and then went straight to class, it was the longest 2 weeks in my life.
  86. I attended/worked the SEMA Convention in Vegas for 4 days and maybe spent 4 hours gambling, I know hard to believe.
  87. Year I graduated from High School
  88. I got caught trafficking stolen history exams in High School and talked my way out of punishment.
  89. I prefer College Sports to Pro.
  90. I only started blogging to make me think about hands and specific instances that came up on the felt the night before.
  91. I truly believe that if I can get lucky 7 times I can win a major poker tournament.
  92. I can usually tell how good or bad I am going to do in a tournament before the tourney begins.
  93. I don't like pets indoors but we have an indoor yorkie.
  94. Patience is a virtue that still eludes me.
  95. I have bought a house in 4 hours and sold a house in 5 minutes.
  96. I have auctioneered at several charity auctions.
  97. I have given a speech in front of 15,000 people.
  98. I have been on Regional TV on more than one occasion
  99. I commuted 65 miles one way for almost 8 years.
  100. I am happier now than I have ever been in my life.


Fuel55 said...

Very interesting. And I am glad I dont eat fastfood!

Alan said...

Wow... at first, I thought I might not make it through a hundred (during your intro that is)... but those were very interesting. Thanks for the insight to who you are.

Slimeface said...

Great and interesting facts! Regarding #73... I have received the "clear for takeoff" by ATC on a couple of occasions with landing aircraft on short final. I have said my share of "Our Fathers" both on private and commercial flights.

Btw.. just recently stumbled across your blog. Good stuff!!

WindBreak247 said...

Married to an OU fan, huh? That's gotta be something...