Thursday, June 26, 2008

And so it begins -

We broke ground yesterday. Here is the view looking at the front of the house.

This is the view from the side rear of the back yard.

Now of course it is raining today so we have a nice mud lot.

Dam you, why must you tempt me!

So as I mentioned the other day I received this email from the devils at Fulltilt (bonus code OSU)

So while I am grinding out the bonus, I figure I might as well qualify for my Iron Man bonus. Then I realized several weeks ago I signed up for the Fantasy Poker and I haven't check my stats. Hmmm, what you know I have qualified for 5 freeroll tourneys and won 2 of these. And booooooooooommmmmm I am back to the depravity of the Fulltilt (bonus code OSU)
online felt.

The circle of temptation never ends.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live Poker -- Tourney Series Wrap Up

For Part One of this series go here and part deux here .

Last night was the 5 player SNG freeroll for the 6 week series we had been running. I was 2nd in points so I had $2k less in chips than the 1st and $2k more than 3rd. The 20 min blinds started $400/$800 and I had$18K to start. So the structure was decent but with only 5 people you could get blinded off pretty quick. I got AA on the 3rd hand mad a standard raise and got one caller but took it down with Cbet on 844 board. A few hands later I got involved in a big hand with. I QQ on the button and made a 4x raise, SB insta pushes and I ask for a count, I have him covered by about $6K and I didn't think he would have played AA or KK that hard pre flop so my read is AK and I know that if I win this race I should be able to the payouts (top 2 earn the tourney seats) I call he flip AQ, I somehow avoid the Ace and I am control.

I did have the point series winner to my immediate left and I had to avoid him as he did me. He and I laid waste to the small stacks as we were both catching some big cards, the small stacks would raise and either he or I would would have big pairs or big aces and set them all in. We weren't playing with each other but we weren't playing against each other as well. We just played smart poker with flat payout structure.

I eliminated the 4 th place player when I caught a Q on the river with my Q9 vs his Ace rag, and the other big stack eliminated the bubble boy when he sucked out on the river with J8 vs JQ on J high flop.

The tourney is supposed to happen at the Fire Lake Grand Casino in either August or October with a guaranteed $50k with a buy in of either $300 or $400. It will be a nice free roll.

The think tank Full Tilt must have seen their rake drop in the Oklahoma City area and thought that bonus to the donkey to rule all donkeys would generate the required rake they need to feed the 123 pros they support. And yes I am bonus slut and yes I have plowed through necessary points to get 40% of that bonus in 2 days. I am such bonus whore.

Hey has anyone used this service ? I like so many other bloggers didnt have a rakeback when I signed up fulltilt so many years ago. I did some research on 2 plus 2 here is link and here is a link to FTPDoug on 2 plus 2 and this is a legit. I signed up with them on June 2nd and I waiting with crossed fingers to see the rakeback. So for all of you needing a rakeback this my be the answer to prayers.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Get off your Ass and Do Something

Go to the PPA website and send a letter to your Congressman to help support the game we love. It so simple that even me the Donk of All Donks can do it. Just click here to go the site and fill in your info.

Friday, June 20, 2008

House Tilt

Well Monday is the big day, the dreaded Closing on the new house. I just still can't get over the fact that we are closing on house that hasn't even broken ground yet. Well here are the plans and the final elevation.

Next year during Okie-Vegas we will have to incorporate a party by this.

Live Poker - The Seqel

Ok so Thursday night is my Live Game, for a recap of my score last go here . This was the last week to determine the top 5 for a SNG where the top will score a $400 freeroll entry in a Tournament at Fire Lake Grand Casino later this summer. I came into last night tourney tied for 2nd and one point behind the leader but 7 points ahead of 4th. All I needed to do was final table and I was in.

We started off the night with 22 runners and instead of playing 3 tabled we agreed to play 2 table at 11 handed. First round everyone was playing real tight due to the larger than normal players per table and the added pressure of knowing that basically 2 spots were still up for grabs maybe more. However, I new anytime I entered a pot I would be guaranteed a caller, if not a reraise by a few of the players out the running, in other words there was $400 bragging rights bounty on my head.

First hand I played was this hand midway through the 3rd round, blinds 100/200, MP player is LAG and has lost about half his stack (probably has about$2000) makes $500 to go, I look at 2 black queens and ponder folding but just can't. I have about $3500 so I make it $1300 knowing that if he pushes I will call, but I didn't plan on LP LAG to just smooth call my re-raise. So it gets back to the original raiser and he goes All In and now I have a decision. I just don't know what the LP could have to just smooth call, I think for a good 2 minutes and finally push All In which will cause the LP to call off 95% of his stack and he snap calls. Damn, but wait ........... he snap called with 1010 and original raiser pushed with 99 and wait my hand holds up and boooooooooooooooooom I am cruising. Yum Yum.

That hand and the fact the deck just hit me in the face allowed me to bust 6 people from my table and come into the final table with 2:1 chip lead to my nearest competitor. I had one sick suckout when I bullied from the button with 9c8s and the BB woke up with QQ, I justified the call with over 2:1 odds, flopped trip 9s turned a boat from there cruised to the final 3, blinds were getting big and I went card dead, ended up getting heads up with about even stacks and about M of 15 so we chopped for $370 apiece and I called it a night or in this case an early morning.

We are having our 5 person SNG Monday night so hopefully I can freeroll into a seat. Have a great weekend and remember Okie-Vegas is just around the corner

Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't tell me I can't chat, that will only piss me off.

First off congrats to LJ and Iggy for winning their ME tickets in the big give online ME lottery
give away. Also congrats to F-Train for a deep run in the most sadistic of all poker games Razz. Go by and show some luv to them.

So as you may know I am on a forced voluntary hiatus from online poker to heal up some homelife wounds and see if I can stop my donkey like tendencies of being a full fledged BRA member . So last week after I showed my Jack Ace I withdrew all my funds, I mean it had nothing but zeros, 883 FPP points and couple hundred Iron Man Medals baby. I am going cold turkey.

So last night around 8:00 I was checking email and I decided I would check an see how many bloggers were still left in the FTP 150 give away, (BTW FTP nice scheduling on fathers day) I notice that Alan and LJ are the only 2 names I recognized. So I go to LJs table and type in Good Luck LJ take it down and get the most rude slap in the face I could have ever received.

"You must have real money balance or at least a token in order to chat during this tournament"

So I can't even rail, that is just too much for me to handle. This forced self induced hiatus is to much, but I refuse to give in, but I really want to rail. I remember how calming it was to me last year when the bloggers railed in force during my ME seat win. What to do ------ hmmmmmmm

I know I will enter a 800 FPP winner take all $26 token SNG. A mere 30 minutes later my account has $0.00 real dollars, 83 FPPs, 1 $26 token and I got to rail LJ from about 1000 remaining to right before she took it down.

Now what the hell am I going to do with that token?

Friday, June 13, 2008

Live Poker

While I have swore off the online felt, I will, I must still go to my home game for some fun yum. I have been playing in this game for about 3 years. We have a $50 freeze out (starting stack $3700, blinds start at $25/50 doubling every 20 minutes) and as the players bust we will start a $1/2 (plays more like $2/5) table. We will average 20 players with a high of 33 and low of 10, so it not really a small game. But we are really selective about who can come because we have a great mix of guys (and occasionally gals) that play in this game. We have fun, there is lots of gambool but I have a pretty good read on the guys so I change gears as much as possible.

We are currently in a 6 week series where the top five TLB after the 6 weeks will play poker superstars format SNG for 2 seats in local casino $50,000 guarantee. Everyone must drop one weeks score so if you have a bad week or go out of town (as I had to last week) you will still be in the running. Going to last night I was in 6th position but only 6 points behind the leader. (Points are determined solely on where you finished. For example if there where 20 runners, 20th would get 1 point and first would get 20 points.) Long story short I won it for the 2nd time during this series, so I should barring a major metldown make the top five.

Recap was as such, absolutely nothing the first 3 levels. Early in the 4th I woke up with Js10s and made it 3x in MP, 4 callers flop is Jd10d3d, nice flop more than likely ahead but could be drawing to only 4 outs. It checked to me I make a pot sized bet which is roughly 1/2 my stack I get called be a loose player with a KdJc and bingo bongo he catches K on the river.

I had 2 big suckouts. I am short stacked, 5 people limp so do I on the button 5c7c, SB pushes folded to me, I call all in because the pot is laying me 4:1 and I just cant put him a big pair. He turns over AJo and I catch a 7 on the flop that holds and now I double up but still only average. we get down to 12 handed and the blinds are getting huge, $400/$200, and I have about $3500. I look down ant Jd7d in EP and decide I need to make a steal, I push BB wakes up with QQ and I turn a flush. When we combined for the final 9 I was still only about average, I won a big race 6 handed when my AdKd out raced 1010 and this allowed me to cruise into the final 3. Heads up only lasted 2 hands. We were pretty even in stacks at about 47K to 40K so we thought about a chop but then decided to play for a bit. Blinds were $1300/$2600/200, one the 2nd hand I called a raise in SB with Qd8d, flop Js10c3d, I check called a pot sized bet with gutshot banking that if a diamond came I might be able to check raise semi bluff and win a big pot, then turn was a beautiful 9 and we got it all in with my straight and his 2 pair and river was beautiful 4c.

I played very little cash since it was getting late and I had to be at bright and early. However I was able to double my $100 buyin when I flopped trip aces on AdAsJd3d and the button didnt catch his flush on the river. I cashed out soon after for a tidy $550 profit.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweet and Adieux for now

Once again thanks Al for putting this together. If the rumor is true and you are coming to Okie-Vegas the first round of SoCo is on me.

As for me I am going to take a break from the online poker scene for a while. My push was to see if I could qualify again to the WSOP, close but no cigar. I have considered playing in the 150 ME give away but I just cant handle the flack I would get playing on father's day. So I say farewell for a while to the online felt. I will continue to read and my post a bit and I will definitely be at Okie-Vegas where I look forward to seeing many a friends.

Who knows the time away may cure the Aggro Donkeyitis that was so keenly diagnosed by so many bloggers this week. Nah not likely.

Monday, June 09, 2008

TOC Recap/Rant

This was my first big laydown of the TOC. If memory severs me correct Shabazz min raised (which he had been doing quite frequently, I called from the button and Hoy called from the SB. Shebazz CBet the flop I smooth called but so did Hoy which sent of Alarm bells. I think everyone checked the turn and the Hoy led out on the blank river and then Shabazz min raised again. I really think I had Shabazz but I decided to fold because Hoy was behind.

ScreenHunter_01 Jun. 07 16.40

Just so everyone knows I had the goods here is the screenshot.

ScreenHunter_02 Jun. 07 16.41

This was the next hand that really got me steamed. I am trying to remember the blinds but JD Schellnut raised and I re-raised enough to commit Schellnut to play for his whole stack but but Pirate Lawyer got a copy of the FTP rng decided that KQ was a good hand to call his whole stack off with raise and re raise. I won the 300 side pot but lost the 1800 main.

ScreenHunter_03 Jun. 07 17.02

This was my only suckout and it was huge. Hoy I am sorry but you had exactly what I thought you had, one pair. The hand was fold to me in the SB and I called, Hoy made a larger than normal raise and I called. I check called his bet on the flop hoping that a scare card would hit on the turn or river. When the Ks hits I over raised all in trying to represents the 10 for the straight. Hoy made a rather quick call and I caught a 3 outer.

ScreenHunter_04 Jun. 07 17.12

Hoy and I were both in the top 10 at the time and I had him out chipped by about 500 or so but this catapulted me into the chip lead which most of the way to the final table.

ScreenHunter_05 Jun. 07 17.18

ScreenHunter_08 Jun. 07 18.07

ScreenHunter_14 Jun. 07 18.44

I think I worked the big stack great, I stole blinds relentlessly. When people played back at me I would resteal but I always made sure that when I did that they had folding equity. I also made sure that when I went to showdown that I had good cards and this convinced people that I was making big laydowns which I did on occasion. Cmitch raised I reraised and WWonka pooshed and then Cmitch pooshed.

ScreenHunter_16 Jun. 07 18.45

This image of making big laydowns also encouraged people to play back at with with junk so I could call when I had the goods like this hand

ScreenHunter_15 Jun. 07 18.44

However today the FTP random number generator just had it out for me. I caught Katiemother with her All In push which was her standard play.

ScreenHunter_19 Jun. 07 19.28

This hand was also really sick

ScreenHunter_20 Jun. 07 19.29

Here is my one dumb move that cost me the seat. As I mentioned in the previous post I should have laid it down, but my reputation was making some big laydowns. Fool had been playing tight and his raise was smallish compared to the blinds. The one thing I did that was out of the ordinary was push, I wanted him to know that he was going to risk all or nothing (this is the money bubble) on this hand and I didn't put him on AA or KK. My read was small to mid pair. He made an insta call with AK which in hindsight was a great call but I don't know that I would be willing to stake $2000 on a coin flip.

ScreenHunter_21 Jun. 07 19.31

Lorreta made an insta call for over 1/2 his chips with QQ all in preflop on my poosh and resucked with 2 outer on the turn.

ScreenHunter_22 Jun. 07 19.33

In hindsight I played this tourney really great up until the money bubble. Yes I had a major suckout, but for the most part I was really unlucky in some major pots that would have given even more chips to weild. My mistake at the money bubble was that I assume people would adjust their style given the huge variance in pay structure. I assumed that it would sink in that 5th place paid nothing and 4th was guaranteed $2000 and would therefore be willing to laydown coinflips or not playback at the big stacks with small pairs. I also should have changed went in to lock down poker until it was three handed, AlcantHang did a wonderful job with setting up the structure so we had room to play, I could have sat out until it was 3 handed but I chose to play big stack table boss and I guess I got what I deserved.

Hopefully this wont come off as sour grapes, I am upset at myself more than anything. After all that is poker. Please do go by and congratulated all the TOC winners for job well done

TuscaloosaJohn - Player of the Month for March - $2k WSoP Package
SirFWALGMan - Player of the Month for April - $2k WSoP Package
TuscaloosaJohn - Player of the Month for May - $2k WSoP Package
OMSitsPokerFool - Tournament of Champions - Main Event Seat Package
Loretta8 - Tournament of Champions - Main Event Seat Package
katiemother - Tournament of Champions - $2k WSoP Package
lightning36 - BBT Freeroll - $2k WSoP Package

And one more thing I better get a damn T-shirt for busting Scott Fischman

ScreenHunter_10 Jun. 07 18.27

Saturday, June 07, 2008

I am such a Jack Ace !!

This was the begining of the end

Dumb Dumb move on my part. Could have, should have but I pushed on a re-steal knowing he enough folding equity that he would have to have a real hand to call. Insta call, and I am now a short stack instead of cruising to at least a 3 way fight for the 2 seats. I think I am going to go throw up.

This was the busto hand, I think I had about 14K, I pooshed. Didnt have but was still steamed at myself. I jumped out of my seat when the K hit the flop and fell to the floor when the 2 outer hit the turn. Re-sucks are the cruelest sucks of them all\

I will try to do a better write up but right now I just dont have it in me. Thanks for the kind words and railers. Hoy sorry about the beat.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

TOC n and House Tilt

First of all didn't play in the M00K last night, I just needed a mental break before the big TOC this weekend. Speaking of TOC, I want to wish all my fellow competitors good luck except against me. I will be especially pulling for the fellow Okie Vegas participants surflexus and iam23skidoo and while I am pimping support I will give a shout to cmitch since he is the only other TOC er I have met in person. This will be a tough field and I look forward to seeing who will join me in winning the other seat.

Man I am in house tilt. Wife and I have decided to build a new house and just like everything I else I do I become consumed in it. We will be breaking ground before the end of the month and if every thing goes well we should get to spend Christmas in the new house. What has me on tilt is the fact that since this is new construction and the builder is a friend of ours he wants to do a "one time close" and what this means is we have to close on the new house before construction begins. So no WSOP for me since all funds are tied up until we sell our current house which wont be on the market until next month. Oh well.

I will be publishing the results of my Bank Roll abuse at the end of next week. If you haven't filled out the 4 question survey please do so and also if you could pimp it so we could get a little better statistically survey I would appreciate it.

I leave you with this piece of advice, if you are going to get drunk in a Mexican Border Town don't drive especially when there is a bike race going on.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Confessions of BR abuser

After several years I willing to come clean and admit that I have a problem. I, oossuuu754 am a bank roll abuser. I don't know why but the main reason is I hate to lose and I then use the "double up to catch up" mentality and it keeps me from being a winning player.

I am curious if anyone else has this problem, so lets do something scientific. I have created a 4 question survey and I am curious what the results will be. Here is the link, Please pass this along to your readers via you blog and lets see how many poker bloggers out there are adhering to proper bank roll management

Monday, June 02, 2008


First of All congrats to All the people who qualified for the TOC

(Alphabetical order)

1 Astin
2 bdidde
3 Bone_Daddy84
4 Breeze81
5 Chippy McStacks
6 cmitch
7 columbo
8 corron10
9 DonkeyPuncher74
10 dwal78
11 GottaWinSum
12 heffmike
13 hellory
14 hoyazo
15 iam23skidoo
16 JD Schellnutt
17 Julkeus
18 katiemother
19 lilkimmer77
20 Loretta8
21 lucko21
22 maneki_neko
23 Martyr99
25 misogynist
26 OMGitsPokerFool
27 oossuuu754
28 PirateLawyer
29 PokahDave
30 pureprophet
31 RecessRampage
32 RNallin
33 Scott Fischman
34 scottc25
35 ScottMc
36 Shabazz Jenkins
37 ShipFaced12
38 SirFWALGMan
39 Smokkee
40 surflexus
41 swimmom95
42 tilt away
43 TuscaloosaJohn
44 twoblackaces
45 wormmsu
46 wwonka69

46 Runners for 2 Seats not to shabby of deal. Also while we are on this note give it up to Al for putting a hell of BBT3 series together. Al I salute you

Speaking of drunken debauchery OKIE - Vegas

is just around the corner and I am looking forward to seeing several of you again and some of you for the first time. If any one needs transportation from the airport let me know via email oossuuu754 at hotmail dot com