Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweet and Adieux for now

Once again thanks Al for putting this together. If the rumor is true and you are coming to Okie-Vegas the first round of SoCo is on me.

As for me I am going to take a break from the online poker scene for a while. My push was to see if I could qualify again to the WSOP, close but no cigar. I have considered playing in the 150 ME give away but I just cant handle the flack I would get playing on father's day. So I say farewell for a while to the online felt. I will continue to read and my post a bit and I will definitely be at Okie-Vegas where I look forward to seeing many a friends.

Who knows the time away may cure the Aggro Donkeyitis that was so keenly diagnosed by so many bloggers this week. Nah not likely.

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