Friday, June 13, 2008

Live Poker

While I have swore off the online felt, I will, I must still go to my home game for some fun yum. I have been playing in this game for about 3 years. We have a $50 freeze out (starting stack $3700, blinds start at $25/50 doubling every 20 minutes) and as the players bust we will start a $1/2 (plays more like $2/5) table. We will average 20 players with a high of 33 and low of 10, so it not really a small game. But we are really selective about who can come because we have a great mix of guys (and occasionally gals) that play in this game. We have fun, there is lots of gambool but I have a pretty good read on the guys so I change gears as much as possible.

We are currently in a 6 week series where the top five TLB after the 6 weeks will play poker superstars format SNG for 2 seats in local casino $50,000 guarantee. Everyone must drop one weeks score so if you have a bad week or go out of town (as I had to last week) you will still be in the running. Going to last night I was in 6th position but only 6 points behind the leader. (Points are determined solely on where you finished. For example if there where 20 runners, 20th would get 1 point and first would get 20 points.) Long story short I won it for the 2nd time during this series, so I should barring a major metldown make the top five.

Recap was as such, absolutely nothing the first 3 levels. Early in the 4th I woke up with Js10s and made it 3x in MP, 4 callers flop is Jd10d3d, nice flop more than likely ahead but could be drawing to only 4 outs. It checked to me I make a pot sized bet which is roughly 1/2 my stack I get called be a loose player with a KdJc and bingo bongo he catches K on the river.

I had 2 big suckouts. I am short stacked, 5 people limp so do I on the button 5c7c, SB pushes folded to me, I call all in because the pot is laying me 4:1 and I just cant put him a big pair. He turns over AJo and I catch a 7 on the flop that holds and now I double up but still only average. we get down to 12 handed and the blinds are getting huge, $400/$200, and I have about $3500. I look down ant Jd7d in EP and decide I need to make a steal, I push BB wakes up with QQ and I turn a flush. When we combined for the final 9 I was still only about average, I won a big race 6 handed when my AdKd out raced 1010 and this allowed me to cruise into the final 3. Heads up only lasted 2 hands. We were pretty even in stacks at about 47K to 40K so we thought about a chop but then decided to play for a bit. Blinds were $1300/$2600/200, one the 2nd hand I called a raise in SB with Qd8d, flop Js10c3d, I check called a pot sized bet with gutshot banking that if a diamond came I might be able to check raise semi bluff and win a big pot, then turn was a beautiful 9 and we got it all in with my straight and his 2 pair and river was beautiful 4c.

I played very little cash since it was getting late and I had to be at bright and early. However I was able to double my $100 buyin when I flopped trip aces on AdAsJd3d and the button didnt catch his flush on the river. I cashed out soon after for a tidy $550 profit.

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Shabazz Jenkins said...

Congrats on your bbt3 cash. Came across your blog and thought I'd let you know that I had 55 the hand where you had A8, so good fold. By the way, I almost NEVER min raise (one of worst plays in poker most of the time imo). I do remember that I limped that hand.