Friday, June 20, 2008

Live Poker - The Seqel

Ok so Thursday night is my Live Game, for a recap of my score last go here . This was the last week to determine the top 5 for a SNG where the top will score a $400 freeroll entry in a Tournament at Fire Lake Grand Casino later this summer. I came into last night tourney tied for 2nd and one point behind the leader but 7 points ahead of 4th. All I needed to do was final table and I was in.

We started off the night with 22 runners and instead of playing 3 tabled we agreed to play 2 table at 11 handed. First round everyone was playing real tight due to the larger than normal players per table and the added pressure of knowing that basically 2 spots were still up for grabs maybe more. However, I new anytime I entered a pot I would be guaranteed a caller, if not a reraise by a few of the players out the running, in other words there was $400 bragging rights bounty on my head.

First hand I played was this hand midway through the 3rd round, blinds 100/200, MP player is LAG and has lost about half his stack (probably has about$2000) makes $500 to go, I look at 2 black queens and ponder folding but just can't. I have about $3500 so I make it $1300 knowing that if he pushes I will call, but I didn't plan on LP LAG to just smooth call my re-raise. So it gets back to the original raiser and he goes All In and now I have a decision. I just don't know what the LP could have to just smooth call, I think for a good 2 minutes and finally push All In which will cause the LP to call off 95% of his stack and he snap calls. Damn, but wait ........... he snap called with 1010 and original raiser pushed with 99 and wait my hand holds up and boooooooooooooooooom I am cruising. Yum Yum.

That hand and the fact the deck just hit me in the face allowed me to bust 6 people from my table and come into the final table with 2:1 chip lead to my nearest competitor. I had one sick suckout when I bullied from the button with 9c8s and the BB woke up with QQ, I justified the call with over 2:1 odds, flopped trip 9s turned a boat from there cruised to the final 3, blinds were getting big and I went card dead, ended up getting heads up with about even stacks and about M of 15 so we chopped for $370 apiece and I called it a night or in this case an early morning.

We are having our 5 person SNG Monday night so hopefully I can freeroll into a seat. Have a great weekend and remember Okie-Vegas is just around the corner

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