Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poker Meth!

Yes I am still alive but I may OD on the Meth of Online poker. I am talking about the Super Turbo HU SNG, OMG! 300 chips in a heads up format, schwing!!! Above are my stats from just my lunch hour, yes that is right 50 tourneys in an hour. Other news is Tragedy is coming to mi Casa this weekend for a little OSU vs Texas Tech action in Stillwater saturday evening. But we start it all off with some karoke at the Crow's Roost with Gcox at his lake Casa. Should be fun so expect some dial a shots coming your way.

Monday, October 05, 2009

One of my regular games robbed at gunpoint!

Click here for story and video

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Fortunately I was playing Co-ed kickball which is another reason co-ed kickball > poker.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Facebook has killed my blog!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I blame Facebook and the fact that I suck at online poker. I come to the sad realization that I can't play online poker without a reckless cavalier gamblers mentality. And I don't know why? I am still extremely aggressive in my live sessions (which makes up the majority of poker playing theses days) but it is calculated aggression. For example I am playing in a home game last night ($1/2/300) I call a $5 Mississippi straddle from the SB with Ah8h, 4 players see the flop Ac9h2s, I fire $15 and the button straddler calls. Turn is Qh and I fire $35 and get raised $100, now I instantly announce raise and slide a $100 out to cover the buttons raise which leaves me about $250 behind, I look at the buttons stack and shove it all in. The button is the big stack with about $320 left, my reasoning is simple, I don't think he has a set, I put him on a big Ace maybe 2 pair or a draw. I am happy with winning the pot here and now but if strong with a set or 2 pair I still want to get the implied odds if I hit my flush plus I know that he will lay down a strongish hand. Well he tanked for about 8 minutes and finally folded bottom 2 (Q9).

I had another interesting hand in a $2/5/500 at the local casino the other day where I called a $20 raise with 6c6s on the button, four people saw a flop of 4h4s6h, checked around and the turn brought a wonderful Ah which more than guaranteed me some action. Rock in MP fired $25 and I called other 2 folded. Now I have played with the rock several times and I know he has a made hand in order to fire on the turn, he either has trips or better with the emphasis on the better. I know he will value bet the river as long as a blank hits, which it does. He slides out $60 and I instantly slide out $200, he tanks which is a good sign because I know I am going to get called but am delighted when he goes all in for about another $100 which I insta call. I table the flopped boat and scoop the $800 pot and left to wonder what the old rock had. I think he had A4 or the nut flush.

On a completely different note our Company has an adult kickball team. Yes the game we all played in grade school is making a comeback with competitive leagues. I am a proud member of the Lopez Foods Grinders, and are proudly sporting an 0-2 record. Yes we suck but we have fun!

Check out the form.
My Curve ball is awesome!

Anyways until next time I raise!

Go Pokes and Go Grinders!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Warning to All Okie Vegas participants - NO SEX for CHIPS

OkieVegas Hookers aren't as smart as Vegas Hookers but then again at least she didnt exchange her services for Tournament Chips.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let the Celebration Begin!

Well I promised a write and here it goes. As many you may or may not know since February of this year I have been in the process of going through a D I V O R C E (cue Loretta Lynn). Well last week I was able to sign the decree, right her the checks and move back into my house sans the wife but now with roommates. (Okie Vegas Participants will get to meet the Divorced Dad Trio on Wednesday July 8th) This divorce had been a few years in the making (last year we were separated from Feb until May) and finally came to a head around January. Now I know what your thinking if life wasn't grand why in the HELL did you build a brand new house with her. All I can is DOH! You see I am Buyer in daily career, when I get into a Jam I buy my way out of it, doesn't work in a marriage and even with the 100s of counseling sessions, I didn't realize that you cant fix (or buy) a marriage unless both parties really want it to be fixed.

Well during the divorce proceedings my Poker Playing was all but non existent online and in our friendly Casinos. I only played in a couple of home games where I was sure that I wasn't being followed because I didn't want to take a chance of losing joint custody of my son. Not that I think that poker players are complete degens but some judges might view otherwise and I wouldn't put anything past the ex as her true ugly colors showed up brilliantly over the last few weeks. Hence this is why the hiatus from online (BBT) and lack of posting. But now I am back, broke but back (no Waffles not BrokeBack like you dream about) I am trying to build up my bankroll to post DIVORCE, but cards have be rough (KJ vs K6 2KK flop allin $1300 pot 6 on the turn A on River) but I will hit my stride by the time Okie Vegas gets here.

I am real excited to hosting Wednesday night of "Okie Vegas" I am throwing a DIVORCE, 40th, Tragedy Wedding, and any other reason party that night and if you want to come drop me a line and I will give you directions. I hope to get some poker hands and what not up but until I get some bankroll winning I cant really play my game of choice which is HU cash.

Anyways feel free to leave comments and hit me on facebook if you haven't already.

Until then I give you a taste of what to expect at "Okie Vegas" Cheers!

Monday, June 08, 2009

Coming Soon A post and return to my normal Degen Behaviour!!!

But until then let me introduce some of the characters you
will meet at the upcoming "OKIE VEGAS".

Our first character is BEER, this is the official Beer of "Okie Vegas"

Next Character is more BEER and my back yard which will be the host of the 2nd annual "Okie Vegas" WTF we are in person and playing the "M00K" online.

GCOX is the host with most! Enough said.

And finally everyones favorite "BEER BITCH" turd chaser.

I promise to have a post up with what has been going on in my so called life by the end of the week until then keep "loving life and living the dream"

Monday, April 06, 2009

I am not dead!

Hey just a quick note, as some of you may or may not know I am going through a divorce. Under guidance I have been instructed not to publish anything that can and most likely will be used against me. That being said everything should be in line for Okie Vegas and I am so stoked. I plan on hosting a party on Wednesday (M00K) night of Okie Vegas. It will be a belated 40th/divorce celebration, with drinking, swimming, the M00k, and more than likely a live game or two.
Until then I will continue to lurk and want to thank everyone for the well wishes.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Update

This has been an interesting week. I have had a MAJOR thing happen in my life, not ready to mention it here now. I am so looking forward to Okie Vegas, head over and check it out. I have had 2 request to be authors on that site and looking for more. One other note, I am down 38 lbs from the beginning of the year, my goal was 50lb and with only one more week left on the active phase on my diet I think I will come up about 7lbs short which is OK. I am lightest I have been (212) since college.

Till next time my the rivers be your Friend.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The countdown has started!

Thanks to Kat the site is up with some content, go check out . My hope is that anybody who has or is participating can put up content. Start the pimping it will be here before you know it. GCOX is the best host and knows how to throw one hell of a party.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I must be in a really bad mood to be this sinsister mean guy Lord Voldemort

Which Fantasy/SciFi Character Are You?

Monday, February 02, 2009

New Rules for a New Year

I have always been someone who doesn't like structure. The teacher would tell me not to color outside lines and I would ask why? On the contrary I have always been a very Goal Driven individual. So you can see that I have some very interesting inner conflicts when my Goals conflict with lack of structure.

My goals for the year in Poker are the following:
Win another ME seat
Win a MTT with larger than 500 field
Win the Mook again
Do well in the BBT 4
Not be the Gigli at OKIE Vegas this year
No more HU SNGs - except maybe the $13.50 tokes
Build a bankroll and Play within in
Play more Cash and less SNGs

Of the 8 goals listed the last 3 are the only ones I have 100% control of. So here are what I plan to do to accomplish those 3.

No HU Sngs - these have been the single largest destroyer of my bankroll. For me these turn into high stakes quarter flipping contests. I have on more than one occasion spewed a 6 figure bankroll crushing in less than hour. Quite simply I have to accept the fact that I will have sessions where I have to book the loss. I have to eliminate the "Ego" from poker and accept that I can't win every battle, but I still can win the war. This is hard since I am competitive person and I have focused most of these competitive tendencies into poker.

Play more Cash, less Sng. I feel that my style of poker (pressure them to make decisions for stack) works better in cash than SNGs, especially in HU cash. Now I know what your thinking didn't you just say "NO MORE HU SNGs" Yes I did but HU poker is completely different than HU SNGs. People act completely different when it is real money and not just tourney chips. Now don't get me wrong there are still donks, but the Gambling Aspect is not there in the cash vs the HU SNGs. I have found a niche that works for me and I am exploiting it, I just have to stay within the bankroll because the variance swings are huge when you play HU. This leads me to the next goal.

Build a Bankroll and stay within it. Here are my rules.

  1. Min Bankroll for cash games is 1000 times the BB
  2. Before I can move up I must have 1500 times the BB and If drop below the 1000 times I must drop back down.
  3. I can never have more than 10% of my roll on any single table or I can never have more than 3 buyins on a single table unless it is less than 5% of my total bankroll.
  4. I can purchase directly into tourney (MTT or SNG) as long as that tourney is not more than 2.5% of BR
  5. I can purchase directly into any tourney that $26 or less.
  6. I can play in any tourney that I have satellited into without the BR constraint.

Mark your Calendar's

Looks like Gcox has set the dates for this years OKIE VEGAS so mark your calendars for July 8th through the 12th. I have up a going so I will start cross posting at that site as well. I will also have vacancies at Casa de OSU, so drop me a line if you are interested. I am about 15 minutes away from Gcox's house.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That Just Wrong Wednesday - Why Poker Bloggers Don't Score With Women

I really didn't get any of the Bloggers permission to post these photos so I won't be labelling any of them but hopefully you can figure out who is who.

This Quiz is right up Waffles Alley

How Many 90 Year Olds Could You Take in a Fight?

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Biggest Pot In Some Time

We had been playing for about 45 mins before this hand came up

***** Hand History for Game 10086566528 *****
$400.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Saturday, January 17, 01:49:24 ET 2009
Table Scenic (deep hu) (Real Money)
Seat 2 is the button
Seat 1: Stacking You ( $789.20 USD )
Seat 2: oossuuu754 ( $659.90 USD )
oossuuu754 posts small blind [$2.00 USD].
Stacking You posts big blind [$4.00 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to oossuuu754 [ 7s 7d ]
oossuuu754 raises [$10.00 USD]
Stacking You raises [$37.00 USD]
oossuuu754 calls [$29.00 USD] Set Mining with the deep stacks, he had a propensity to over play big pairs
** Dealing Flop ** [ 4d, 3c, 7h ] bingo
Stacking You bets [$54.00 USD]
oossuuu754 raises [$108.00 USD] I had did this early and folded
Stacking You raises [$221.00 USD]
oossuuu754 raises [$510.90 USD] l I figured he had to call now with his over pair
Stacking You calls [$343.90 USD]
oossuuu754 shows [7s, 7d ]
Stacking You shows [Th, Tc ]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8c ]
** Dealing River ** [ 5h ]
oossuuu754 wins $1319.30 USD from main pot

Thursday, January 15, 2009

HU Stats for last Night

I have been playing these quite a bit instead of the the HU Sngs. I find that variance isnt quit as bad, but as you can see by the above chart it can have some wild swings.

I see your Condo and raise you a House

I usually don't gawk, but I mean seriously WTF. This just blows me away.

***** Hand History for Game 10064702728 *****
$100000.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Thursday, January 15, 10:05:04 ET 2009
Table GusHeaven (6 max) (Real Money)
Seat 4 is the button
Seat 2: LarsLuzak ( $203407.00 USD )
Seat 4: Phil Ivey ( $318940.00 USD )
Phil Ivey posts small blind [$500.00 USD].
LarsLuzak posts big blind [$1000.00 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Phil Ivey raises [$2500.00 USD]
LarsLuzak raises [$9500.00 USD]
Phil Ivey raises [$28500.00 USD]
LarsLuzak calls [$21000.00 USD]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 6d, 9s, 3s ]
LarsLuzak checks
Phil Ivey bets [$44000.00 USD]
LarsLuzak raises [$171907.00 USD]
Phil Ivey calls [$127907.00 USD]
LarsLuzak shows [Ks, Ts ]
Phil Ivey shows [Ah, Ac ]
** Dealing Turn ** [ Kc ]
** Dealing River ** [ 6h ]
Phil Ivey wins $406813.50 USD from main pot

That Just Wrong - Why Dad's dont dress kids

It has been a while but it is back for a special That is Just Wrong Wednesday
Thursday. I present for all you fathers out there why we shouldn't dress our kids.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Booking A Loss

I am competitive person, I hate to loose. Without a doubt competition has been a driving force in my life for as long as I can remember. I know for a fact that is why I am driven by poker, It gives me a way to compete again. It is this fact that gets me into trouble again and again. I can't book a loss because it tears me up to think that someone just beat me. I am trying to curb this with better bankroll management, more focus, ect.. I have thought I might focus the competition from the other players to a bankroll competition, however I am afraid that If my progression doesn't meet my expectations that my cause me to push to hard? Anyone else have any ideas from your own personal experiences?

Monday, January 12, 2009

.25/.50 Cash HU

I won 3 buyins in less than 70 hands, now I realize that probably equates to about 300+ plus hands in full ring game but still 30 min time aint bad. Anybody really concentrating on these, if so I would appreciate your feedback to this question. I see all the time people sitting with 2.5 to 4x buyins waiting for someone to play, is this truly smart? Anytime I get more than 2x buyin I will cash out because I don't want someone try to double and then leave. Comments please.

Well here are the three big hands from my above session.

***** Hand History for Game 10008292574 *****
$50.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Monday, January 12, 09:03:42 ET 2009
Table Line (heads up) (Real Money)
Seat 1 is the button
Seat 1: oossuuu754 ( $89.85 USD )
Seat 2: Kmart employee ( $56.40 USD )
oossuuu754 posts small blind [$0.25 USD].
Kmart employee posts big blind [$0.50 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to oossuuu754 [ Js 8c ]
oossuuu754 calls [$0.25 USD]
Kmart employee raises [$1.00 USD]
oossuuu754 calls [$1.00 USD]
** Dealing Flop ** [ Kh, 8s, Jh ]
Kmart employee checks
oossuuu754 checks
** Dealing Turn ** [ 7h ]
Kmart employee bets [$2.00 USD]
oossuuu754 raises [$9.00 USD]
Kmart employee calls [$7.00 USD]
** Dealing River ** [ 8h ]
Kmart employee bets [$13.00 USD]
oossuuu754 raises [$79.35 USD]
Kmart employee calls [$32.90 USD]
oossuuu754 wins $33.45 USD
oossuuu754 shows [Js, 8c ]
oossuuu754 wins $112.30 USD from main pot
Kmart employee doesn't show [Qh, Jd ]

This hand above was pretty straight forward, I put on the big flush at the end that is why I over shoved.

***** Hand History for Game 10009011780 *****
$50.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Monday, January 12, 09:44:48 ET 2009
Table Tail (heads up) (Real Money)
Seat 1 is the button
Seat 1: oossuuu754 ( $48.75 USD )
Seat 2: B0CKZ1LLA ( $59.65 USD )
oossuuu754 posts small blind [$0.25 USD].
B0CKZ1LLA posts big blind [$0.50 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to oossuuu754 [ Jh 8d ]
oossuuu754 raises [$1.25 USD]
B0CKZ1LLA raises [$4.50 USD]
oossuuu754 calls [$3.50 USD]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 8c, Qs, 9s ]
B0CKZ1LLA checks
oossuuu754 checks
** Dealing Turn ** [ 8h ]
B0CKZ1LLA checks
oossuuu754 bets [$5.00 USD]
B0CKZ1LLA calls [$5.00 USD]
** Dealing River ** [ 3s ]
B0CKZ1LLA checks
oossuuu754 bets [$15.00 USD]
B0CKZ1LLA calls [$15.00 USD]
oossuuu754 shows [Jh, 8d ]
oossuuu754 wins $49.50 USD from main pot
B0CKZ1LLA doesn't show [Kd, Ac ]

I had be mixing up my raises, so when I opened and was re-raised I felt my call was ok. I felt this flop was ok for me and that I was more than likely ahead, however I decided to peel because I felt like he had set me up for the check raise. Turn was my gin card and after he check I fired a 1/3 pot bet and was pleased when he called. River was a safe card for me, I wanted hem to pay me off if he had a big pair and was pleasantly surprised when paid me off.

***** Hand History for Game 10009049877 *****
$50.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Monday, January 12, 09:46:57 ET 2009
Table Tail (heads up) (Real Money)
Seat 2 is the button
Seat 1: oossuuu754 ( $78.25 USD )
Seat 2: B0CKZ1LLA ( $50.00 USD )
B0CKZ1LLA posts small blind [$0.25 USD].
oossuuu754 posts big blind [$0.50 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to oossuuu754 [ Ad Qh ]
B0CKZ1LLA raises [$1.25 USD]
oossuuu754 raises [$4.00 USD]
B0CKZ1LLA calls [$3.00 USD]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 7c, Kh, Jc ]
oossuuu754 bets [$4.00 USD]
B0CKZ1LLA calls [$4.00 USD]
** Dealing Turn ** [ 4c ]
oossuuu754 bets [$15.00 USD]
B0CKZ1LLA calls [$15.00 USD]
** Dealing River ** [ 4s ]
oossuuu754 bets [$54.75 USD]
B0CKZ1LLA folds
oossuuu754 wins $54.75 USD
oossuuu754 wins $46.50 USD from main pot

This was the final hand and it happened about 3 hands later, I was just trying to take a similar line as the previous hand, the only difference was the pot sized shoved at the end, I don't know if I like this bluff now that I look at it, but it worked. Comments Please on this hand?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

First Weekend out of Exile.

It is my first weekend out of exile and I had decent results. I mainly played 1/2 on two tables. I decided to shut down after I cracked this guys KK. Comments on this play, thought he pretty much telgraphed his hand pre so I felt I could double if I hit.

***** Hand History for Game 9991230437 *****
$200.00 USD NL Texas Hold'em - Sunday, January 11, 10:10:48 ET 2009
Table Los Padres (Real Money)
Seat 7 is the button
Seat 1: Chainicheck ( $200.00 USD )
Seat 2: magicrule4 ( $200.00 USD )
Seat 3: oossuuu754 ( $168.65 USD )
Seat 4: Qlio69 ( $61.25 USD )
Seat 5: mazzler ( $200.00 USD )
Seat 6: Christie06 ( $72.90 USD )
Seat 7: ChkRazed ( $200.00 USD )
Seat 8: butter1a ( $130.85 USD )
Seat 9: chrisansari ( $135.30 USD )
butter1a posts small blind [$1.00 USD].
chrisansari posts big blind [$2.00 USD].
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to oossuuu754 [ 2c 2d ]
Chainicheck folds
magicrule4 folds
oossuuu754 raises [$7.00 USD]
Qlio69 folds
mazzler raises [$24.00 USD]
Christie06 folds
ChkRazed folds
butter1a folds
chrisansari folds
oossuuu754 calls [$17.00 USD]
** Dealing Flop ** [ 4h, 2s, Qh ]
oossuuu754 checks
mazzler bets [$32.50 USD]
oossuuu754 raises [$90.00 USD]
mazzler raises [$143.50 USD]
oossuuu754 calls [$54.65 USD]
mazzler shows [Kc, Kh ]
oossuuu754 shows [2c, 2d ]
mazzler wins $31.35 USD
** Dealing Turn ** [ 3h ]
** Dealing River ** [ 5d ]
oossuuu754 wins $337.30 USD from main pot

Here were my stats for the Sunday night session, I know I had way too much $VIP but I will take it

Stakes $/hr EV VPIP %PFR% 3Bet% AggF WTSD% W$SD%
$1/2 NL $316.10 $152.93 24.6 13.8 7.5 3.6 23.6 46.2

Thursday, January 08, 2009

I think we need to pool our money and buy this for Waffles

I saw this on a MSN page today and for some reason thought I might be exactly what Waffles needs.

Self Imposed Exile ends at Midnight

My 60 day self imposed exile ends at midnight tonight. I am focus and ready to start 09 out on a good run. However, I wont play until Sat evening in order to balance my family commitments. I do plan on playing in several of Al's BBT 4 events and of course I have to play the M00K and try to knock out members of Team IT and Team Schaubs. Till then keep loving life and living the dream.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Waffles went skiing over the holidays!

Waffles was sited at a Vail Ski resort over the Holiday's and as you can see he really let it all hang out. For the complete story head over here.