Monday, February 02, 2009

New Rules for a New Year

I have always been someone who doesn't like structure. The teacher would tell me not to color outside lines and I would ask why? On the contrary I have always been a very Goal Driven individual. So you can see that I have some very interesting inner conflicts when my Goals conflict with lack of structure.

My goals for the year in Poker are the following:
Win another ME seat
Win a MTT with larger than 500 field
Win the Mook again
Do well in the BBT 4
Not be the Gigli at OKIE Vegas this year
No more HU SNGs - except maybe the $13.50 tokes
Build a bankroll and Play within in
Play more Cash and less SNGs

Of the 8 goals listed the last 3 are the only ones I have 100% control of. So here are what I plan to do to accomplish those 3.

No HU Sngs - these have been the single largest destroyer of my bankroll. For me these turn into high stakes quarter flipping contests. I have on more than one occasion spewed a 6 figure bankroll crushing in less than hour. Quite simply I have to accept the fact that I will have sessions where I have to book the loss. I have to eliminate the "Ego" from poker and accept that I can't win every battle, but I still can win the war. This is hard since I am competitive person and I have focused most of these competitive tendencies into poker.

Play more Cash, less Sng. I feel that my style of poker (pressure them to make decisions for stack) works better in cash than SNGs, especially in HU cash. Now I know what your thinking didn't you just say "NO MORE HU SNGs" Yes I did but HU poker is completely different than HU SNGs. People act completely different when it is real money and not just tourney chips. Now don't get me wrong there are still donks, but the Gambling Aspect is not there in the cash vs the HU SNGs. I have found a niche that works for me and I am exploiting it, I just have to stay within the bankroll because the variance swings are huge when you play HU. This leads me to the next goal.

Build a Bankroll and stay within it. Here are my rules.

  1. Min Bankroll for cash games is 1000 times the BB
  2. Before I can move up I must have 1500 times the BB and If drop below the 1000 times I must drop back down.
  3. I can never have more than 10% of my roll on any single table or I can never have more than 3 buyins on a single table unless it is less than 5% of my total bankroll.
  4. I can purchase directly into tourney (MTT or SNG) as long as that tourney is not more than 2.5% of BR
  5. I can purchase directly into any tourney that $26 or less.
  6. I can play in any tourney that I have satellited into without the BR constraint.

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