Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Facebook has killed my blog!

Sorry for the lack of posts but I blame Facebook and the fact that I suck at online poker. I come to the sad realization that I can't play online poker without a reckless cavalier gamblers mentality. And I don't know why? I am still extremely aggressive in my live sessions (which makes up the majority of poker playing theses days) but it is calculated aggression. For example I am playing in a home game last night ($1/2/300) I call a $5 Mississippi straddle from the SB with Ah8h, 4 players see the flop Ac9h2s, I fire $15 and the button straddler calls. Turn is Qh and I fire $35 and get raised $100, now I instantly announce raise and slide a $100 out to cover the buttons raise which leaves me about $250 behind, I look at the buttons stack and shove it all in. The button is the big stack with about $320 left, my reasoning is simple, I don't think he has a set, I put him on a big Ace maybe 2 pair or a draw. I am happy with winning the pot here and now but if strong with a set or 2 pair I still want to get the implied odds if I hit my flush plus I know that he will lay down a strongish hand. Well he tanked for about 8 minutes and finally folded bottom 2 (Q9).

I had another interesting hand in a $2/5/500 at the local casino the other day where I called a $20 raise with 6c6s on the button, four people saw a flop of 4h4s6h, checked around and the turn brought a wonderful Ah which more than guaranteed me some action. Rock in MP fired $25 and I called other 2 folded. Now I have played with the rock several times and I know he has a made hand in order to fire on the turn, he either has trips or better with the emphasis on the better. I know he will value bet the river as long as a blank hits, which it does. He slides out $60 and I instantly slide out $200, he tanks which is a good sign because I know I am going to get called but am delighted when he goes all in for about another $100 which I insta call. I table the flopped boat and scoop the $800 pot and left to wonder what the old rock had. I think he had A4 or the nut flush.

On a completely different note our Company has an adult kickball team. Yes the game we all played in grade school is making a comeback with competitive leagues. I am a proud member of the Lopez Foods Grinders, and are proudly sporting an 0-2 record. Yes we suck but we have fun!

Check out the form.
My Curve ball is awesome!

Anyways until next time I raise!

Go Pokes and Go Grinders!