Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh Poker why doth thou burn me

Since this is a poker blog I guess I need to post a poker story. I have recently been on a losing snide. I have exhausted my online roll by refusing to use good roll management and therefore it is decimated. I have also lost the zeal for the game and therefore I would take more risks than were needed because I wasn't or wouldn't devote the needed attention to the game.

That being said I decided to go to my home game last night for the first time in few weeks. Our game is a $50 buy in, 3500 in chips, 20 min blinds. Last night the attendance was down only 16 runners. We usually are up around 20. When I hit the final table I was the short stack with only about 1800 chips and the blinds where 100/200/25. I was able to chip up to 2700 by stealing the blinds. First big break came at 7 handed 200/400/25 when I attempted a steal from UTG with Ad10d, the only problem with the move was I pot committed myself to any push, which is exactly what happened from the UTG + 3, I called praying I was in race or at the very least not dominated. Pusher flipped up KK and was saw a flop that was the best I could I hope for XdXdX, now I had 12 outs twice and the river brought the much needed diamond and I now had a few chips to play with. From there I just played decent poker. When we got to the money bubble at 5 hand I made a sheer odds only call for about 1/5 of stack with 2d5d in the BB when the SB pushed and I was getting 4:1. I turned a lowly pair of ducks and that was enough to bust the money bubble. I caught a very lucky break 3 handed when I set the BB all in with my A5, he called with A8. I had twice as many chips as he did so I wasn't playing for my life. The door card was the 5 and just like that I was heads up with a 7:1 chip lead. Heads up last about 4 hands, my Q7 on KJ7 flop was enough to take down $375 first place prize.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

That is Just Wrong

Warning No Poker Content, I am taking some time off to re evaluate my game. But I still can publish something that makes me feel better.

I present a grab bag of that just wrong Wednesday photos. Enjoy!

Speaking of Wood

Got Milk?

So How do you get in?

Hello Roto Rooter ......

The very first OKIE-Vegas gathering 30 years ago

No comment....

Good Dog, I mean bad dog ...
Dam I thought my school was tough.

There are so many things wrong with this photo I dont know where to start...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

New Toy = New Stats

I finally downloaded and registered TourneyManager so I will post my stats from April forward. I only have april forward on this machine since I bought a new laptop and didnt think to copy them over before the 30 day window expired.

I only included the ITM finishes

$22 SNGs
I need to quit taking shots in the $110

$33 SNGS
$55 SNGS

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

They Wonder Why I drink.....................

Poker Sux! I don't know how else to put it. It was a classic not my night situation. I lost 3 buyins last night when I caught 2 guys over playing AK and both times they rivered me with me as a 80-90% favorite.

I have been so busy at work. My overlord boss up and quit 2 weeks ago (Yea!) so I have been stressed out a little. Last week my divisional VP told me I should review our Red Corporate Policy and Procedures Manual in the storage room.

He went on and on about since I may be stepping up to an AD position that I needed to understand all of the intricacies of dealing with unruly suppliers, pain in the ass employees, ect... I informed that I would try and read manual as soon as possible.

Earlier this week I totally uncorked on one of my vendors. The vendor forgot to ship me a truckload of 40,000 lbs of raw material and I had about 400 people standing around on the clock with nothing to do.

Needless to say this "screw up" was costing my company Thousands and Thousands of Dollars in lost productivity. I knew that my ass was cooked and that very soon I would be getting a call from the VP.

Not 30 seconds later I got the call. First words out of the VPs mouth was "you haven't read the manual yet, have you?" I confessed that I hadn't and apologized and then braced myself for the proverbial "ass chewing" that was coming next.

In a very stern voice I was told to go to the storage room get the manual and the proceed directly to his office so we could review the procedures manual and discuss how to handle this situation.

We spent the rest of the afternoon reviewing the manual but I can't remember why, nor do I care.

Without further hesitation I present a grab bag of

Gotta Luv Strange named Bavarian Towns and their public transportation

Wonder what the High School Mascot is? The Trojans?

Sometimes only the Lucky Ones win (Be sure to look at where the boat is from, very fitting)

Sometimes you feel like a nutt .....
Speaking of Nuts.... I love NASCAR dont you