Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh Poker why doth thou burn me

Since this is a poker blog I guess I need to post a poker story. I have recently been on a losing snide. I have exhausted my online roll by refusing to use good roll management and therefore it is decimated. I have also lost the zeal for the game and therefore I would take more risks than were needed because I wasn't or wouldn't devote the needed attention to the game.

That being said I decided to go to my home game last night for the first time in few weeks. Our game is a $50 buy in, 3500 in chips, 20 min blinds. Last night the attendance was down only 16 runners. We usually are up around 20. When I hit the final table I was the short stack with only about 1800 chips and the blinds where 100/200/25. I was able to chip up to 2700 by stealing the blinds. First big break came at 7 handed 200/400/25 when I attempted a steal from UTG with Ad10d, the only problem with the move was I pot committed myself to any push, which is exactly what happened from the UTG + 3, I called praying I was in race or at the very least not dominated. Pusher flipped up KK and was saw a flop that was the best I could I hope for XdXdX, now I had 12 outs twice and the river brought the much needed diamond and I now had a few chips to play with. From there I just played decent poker. When we got to the money bubble at 5 hand I made a sheer odds only call for about 1/5 of stack with 2d5d in the BB when the SB pushed and I was getting 4:1. I turned a lowly pair of ducks and that was enough to bust the money bubble. I caught a very lucky break 3 handed when I set the BB all in with my A5, he called with A8. I had twice as many chips as he did so I wasn't playing for my life. The door card was the 5 and just like that I was heads up with a 7:1 chip lead. Heads up last about 4 hands, my Q7 on KJ7 flop was enough to take down $375 first place prize.

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