Friday, March 30, 2007

Attack of the Donkey Fisher

Every Thursday night we have a group (as small as 10 as large 30) of that play a $50 freeze out followed by a $1/$2 NL Cash game (No Max, but we most buy in for $60-$100). We have a lot fun and the core degenerate gamblers have played together quite a bit, so we know each other tendencies and favorite starting hands. If I am in pot and 24x hit the flop I will play cautiously against Tim. Likewise several players have come to respect and fear the HAMMER.

So you would think that since we all know each other pretty well that we would be playing small ball. Hell no! It amazes me how big some or pots can get. We may have $1000 on the table $1200 if it is a big night and more often than not 1/3 or it ends up in the pot at least once if not 3 or 4 times. Last week I was felted twice in 2 big pots. The first went down like this. I am the SB with A10 of hearts 2 or three limpers and the cutoff makes it traditional (which in our game is $7 to go) I call the raise and on limper completes as well. The flop comes 789 two hearts. Limper pops it $25 and cutoff goes all in for his last $100 and Limper belts out call before I can act. Now I am in a quandary it cost my last $80 for $225 pot. I know I am behind to at least one straight and most likely a set but I figure that my flush draw is still getting the proper price so oh well gotta take the chance. We usually turn the hands over if every one is all in. Limper has 56 off (one heart damn) for the ass end of the straight and cutoff has......... 79 off for two pair. Turn is 9 diamonds, river a blank NI Hand Sir, Reload!!! Two hand later I get dealt AQ in the cutoff MP makes it $12 and I smooth call knowing this guy tendencies to over play pairs. Flop Axx and he makes it $25 and I think and then call, knowing he will fire again and then I have him. Turn is another blank and he goes all in and has me well covered. I think for just moment and call (I put him on JJ or Ace Medium) Bingo he flips up AJ and I am sitting pretty until the rat bastard Jack nails on me on the River. NI hand Sir, I am outta here.

This week started out as dejavu from the Previous week. Got knock out the Tourney when I got down to about $1500 with blinds at $100/$200 and found 2 black 10s which look like aces compared to the cards I had been getting, I push get called by a shorter stack with 99 and the BB hits the tank and finally calls about a 1/3 of his stack with AQ. I am not loving my hand but I am ahead when the money goes. Needless to Q5X flop turn 5, River 5, 3 boats and mine is sunk. Ni Hand Sir. Oh well lets play some cash. We start short handed 5 people and I am catching decent cards preflop KJ, A9, 99 but just totally blanking the flop and my continuation bets are getting called and re-raised. Geez not 20 mins into the Game and I am down to about $30 and I am feeling tired and just not wanting to reload so I am content to go with the next hand I get. A few hands later I get JJ and make a "traditional" raise to callers 10 hi flop, all in boom I back up to $60and that is were I hovered for a few hours until this hand came up. The game is full 9 people and I am UTG and I look down at

So I make a smaller raise just to throw a few people off and get one, no two, three, four, chit five callers. Doh!!! Even with our loose game this is just way two many, not to mention 2 people said my raise was fishy. OK let see the flop, 239 two clubs, oh well this may have hit someone with a set but no way am I am checking to allow the flush draw a cheap ride, so I am all in for my last $45. This a slight over bet into about $40 pot but I don't want any stragglers that can suckout. So the action goes fold, Call (damn) but he is pretty loose and might call with poket pair smaller than nines or flush draw, fold and then cutoff goes into the tank. He ask the loose caller how much he has behind and finds out that he has about $150, so after a few more minutes the cutoff go I am all in, (Chit) but wait now it comes to the BB he says he cant fold and he goes all in for more than me but less than the other two people, (WTF). I am completely puzzled now and the tourney has shut down and every one is wonder WTF is going on. We get the money straight and divided into 3 pots (main has about $300, 1st side has about $100, 3rd side has about $60) Lets see em bouys. I flip up my Cowboys knowing we are way behind, Loose caller flip 22 for the baby set (Oh well he was going to call any bet I threw out except an all in) , Cuttoff flips up 23 (WTF) for bottom 2 pair and BB flips up A9 for tptk. Turn brick, river brick, NI hand Sirs and I am 0 for 3 in big pots.

I get ready to go and people start telling I can't ( I think some of these guy figure I am steaming and they smell blood) so I reload. And then I started a rush and the flops started hitting me in the face, JJ getting called all the way to the river by a 99 on 8xx flop, A10 in the BB catching top two on the flop and getting called all the way to river by a flush chaser and A9 and AJ on the button catching a Jxx flop catching a guy bluffing with 66. 2:00 am last orbit and my stack is setting at about $550 and that is where I finished. Variance is biatch aint it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I have mastered Poker

I have finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I was giving off to many tells, now I am sure I can win since I have mastered the art of the "Poker Face"

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Well at least I have one chance for the WSOP ME

Satelited into this through the tier one for the $75 token, I think there were 21 entrants, paid 4, top 2 got the entry. So at least I now have a chance for the ME in the big MTT.

Here are some of the stats from Poker X Factor Hand History.

PXF Hand History Analyzer

General Statistics: (through hand 150)
Total hands played: 150
Hands won: 28 (19%)
Hands won preflop: 10 (7%)
Hands won at flop: 3 (2%)
Hands won at turn: 7 (5%)
Hands won at river: 8 (5%)

Preflop Luck Stats

Premium Hands: 7 (4.7% exp 3.3%)
Strong Hands : 4 (2.7% exp 3.0%)
Mod Hands: 10 (6.7% exp 8.3%)
Boderline Hands: 11 (7.3% exp 7.5%)
Garbage Hands: 118 (78.7% exp 77.8%)

PreFlop Stats
limp 5%
Raise 13%
Call 11%
Check 3%
Fold 73%

Flop Stat
Saw Flop 17% (SB - 19%, BB - 42%, Other 38%)

Turn Stat
Saw Turn 13% (SB - 13%, BB - 45%, Other 35%)

River Stat
Saw River 7% (SB - 36%, BB - 45%, Other 18%)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Which One are you?

dog playing poker
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Are you the Cheatee or Cheater or Oblivious?