Monday, May 19, 2008

They are still out there

The MATH was disaster, man I really suck at 6 handed games. I just couldn't fight the aggro monkey at my table, finally got pissed enough to make a re raise push with XX and I will be damned if the guy who had re-raised me 5 times before didn't wake up with KK.

So I decided to play so $1/$2 and did I find a honey of table, this table was full of fish. This is was a crazy hand. This guy was pretty new to the table but showed a propensity to bluff in position and was aggro. He made a standard raise to $7, I re-raised to $23, and he the min raised to $55. Now I couldn't see him playing AA/KK that way, I figured if he had the goods he would have re-popped to about $70. His bet seemed weak so I ranged him from 10/10 to AK or complete air so I pushed for $170 more and he insta-called with

but the were sooted!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Moose Knuckle

So we have a controversy. Should it be booom, choo choo or roar . I want to submit my vote for moose knuckle . You can use it the following ways.

Seat 1: Hero ($539.60)
Seat 2: Villian 1 ($527.60)
Seat 3: Villian 2 ($432.20)
Seat 4: Villain 3 ($339.50)
Seat 5: Villain 4 ($506.05) SB
Seat 6: Villain 5 ($400) BB
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Hero [Ac Ad]
Hero raises to $14
Villain 2 calls $14
Villian 3 folds
Villain 4 folds
Villian 5 folds
Villian 1 raises to $60
Hero raises to $196
Villian 2 CALLS $182
Villian 1 raises to $400, and is all in
Hero raises to $539.60, and is all in
Villian 2 CALLS $331.60, and is all in
Hero shows [Ac Ad]
Villian1 shows [Qd Qh]
Villian 2 shows [Kc Ks]
*** FLOP *** [9h 3d 3c] <--- Moooooooooooooosssssssse

*** TURN *** [9h 3d 3c] [4s] <--- knuuuuuuuuuuuuuxxx

*** RIVER *** [9h 3d 3c 4s] [Qc] <--- holy effn moose knuckle

Monday, May 12, 2008

If mama aint happy aint no one happy!

OK so here is the my dilemma, my wife is complaining about to much poker and I am hate to say she is right. In the past it wasn't uncommon for to play every night and all weekend (hell I have qualified several months at the Iron Man level on FTP).
So here is the compromise 2 nights a week online probably Tues (Bodonky because I have some money there)/Wed (M00K) until the after the series qualifiers. If I do get lucky and win a seat the money will have to go to furnish the new house we are building so no Series for me this year.
I would love to play on either Saturday or Sunday but I think for a while I may just have to concede. (except the TOC, I do have a kitchen pass)
So here is my question to any of you that have scaled back or taken a hiatus? Did you game improve, decline or stay the same. I am wondering?
And yes I am henpecked, but she is worth it.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

TOC - Here I come

I took down the Riverchasers tonight for my TOC. Pretty sweet considering how I went out at the M00K final table last night, with my AK vs Lucko's KQ

First off I didn't even take any screenshots until the Final Table. The First Big hand I remember was midway in the 2nd hour. I was dealt AA in the SB and the chip leader made a pot sized bet on the button, I decided to smooth call and hopefully use his aggression against him by check pushing on the flop. I don't usually do this because it invites the BB to come along for ride which he did. The flop came out 10 high and two to a flush but I had now committed myself to going through with plan. Action goes like this, I check BB pushes all in for about 1500 into 2500 pot, Button pushes All In for about 6000, what do you do. I decided to call because I was fairly certain I was ahead of the Button and the side pot would be about 9000. Cards turned over, BB had the flush draw, button had QQ and I scooped the pot when the turn and river blanked. This hand pushed me into the top 3 I basically stayed there until the final table.

Now the Final Table got interesting. This was the first hand that I got involved with I made a standard raise and Loretta8 pushed in over the top which had been his standard play but I called getting 2 to 1 and was not real happy when he flipped AK. This was the only race I think I won all night.

Next interesting hand was shipfaced12 raised in the hijack and I re raised enough to put him all in. He had basically what I thought but I lost as the 60% favorite and he was the first of many that I would double up.

Final Table Hand # 27 me and Shipface tangled again preflop this time it stung a little harder.

The very next hand and the same result for wwonka69

Now this was the turning point for me, I could have tilted but I remained focus and continued to pick my spots. This was just such a spot. I am pretty sure it was folded to me and I made a pot sized raise, pushmonkey72 was the 2nd largest stack compared to me and re raised me about 1/4 of my chips and I called. I was fairly certain that I had the best hand but I wanted to see the texture of the flop before I made my move. I knew when the Ace hit that I would feign weakness with the check and I never thought twice about calling his All In push.

This hand I called shipfaced raise and did backflips when this flop hit

We started heads up I held a 14 to 1 chip lead and proceeded to double VBPro up 3 times in a row with me holding the favorite each time (I had KQ,KQ, A rag) and then he went into push fest. I think he push 6 hands in row and all of sudden I only had a 2:1 lead. It was then that I completely changed my game plan and went into limp fold mode just waiting for my spots. I think this confused him and then he started limping so I pushed him about 3 pots just to rattle him some more. I finally ground him down again to about 20k to my 140K and caught all sorts of flack on Dank Radio for not calling his shove getting 3:1 but I didn't see the need to give him any momentum by me calling All In with any two. Shortly after that I changed gears pushed with a Q7 and doubled him up and caught more flack about why I would call getting 3:1 one but I was more than willing to push, because I wanted to set the trap. We still had a huge amount of play in the stacks and I new eventually I would catch a big hand and he would get caught and here it was

The chips went in pre flop so I was the favorite when the money went in. The flop gave him 13 outs, turn Q took away5 of them thank goodness because he did hit his 5 on the river.