Monday, May 19, 2008

They are still out there

The MATH was disaster, man I really suck at 6 handed games. I just couldn't fight the aggro monkey at my table, finally got pissed enough to make a re raise push with XX and I will be damned if the guy who had re-raised me 5 times before didn't wake up with KK.

So I decided to play so $1/$2 and did I find a honey of table, this table was full of fish. This is was a crazy hand. This guy was pretty new to the table but showed a propensity to bluff in position and was aggro. He made a standard raise to $7, I re-raised to $23, and he the min raised to $55. Now I couldn't see him playing AA/KK that way, I figured if he had the goods he would have re-popped to about $70. His bet seemed weak so I ranged him from 10/10 to AK or complete air so I pushed for $170 more and he insta-called with

but the were sooted!!!

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