Monday, May 12, 2008

If mama aint happy aint no one happy!

OK so here is the my dilemma, my wife is complaining about to much poker and I am hate to say she is right. In the past it wasn't uncommon for to play every night and all weekend (hell I have qualified several months at the Iron Man level on FTP).
So here is the compromise 2 nights a week online probably Tues (Bodonky because I have some money there)/Wed (M00K) until the after the series qualifiers. If I do get lucky and win a seat the money will have to go to furnish the new house we are building so no Series for me this year.
I would love to play on either Saturday or Sunday but I think for a while I may just have to concede. (except the TOC, I do have a kitchen pass)
So here is my question to any of you that have scaled back or taken a hiatus? Did you game improve, decline or stay the same. I am wondering?
And yes I am henpecked, but she is worth it.


Aaron said...

I actually did the same thing, cut down to two or three nights a week. I found my game getting better, because I'm more excited to play and that cause me to be more thoughtfull in my plays and stay more focused.

I think it worked better for me to actually cut back then stay on the same pace.

Breeze81 said...

I sliced my playing back from 3 to 1 night a week, I was more involved in the game when I played because I knew it was going to be a whole week before I would kick some ass again.Although I played a larger percentage of hands as well as pushed around a little more aggressive.