Thursday, November 12, 2009

Poker Meth!

Yes I am still alive but I may OD on the Meth of Online poker. I am talking about the Super Turbo HU SNG, OMG! 300 chips in a heads up format, schwing!!! Above are my stats from just my lunch hour, yes that is right 50 tourneys in an hour. Other news is Tragedy is coming to mi Casa this weekend for a little OSU vs Texas Tech action in Stillwater saturday evening. But we start it all off with some karoke at the Crow's Roost with Gcox at his lake Casa. Should be fun so expect some dial a shots coming your way.


SirFWALGMan said...

$318/hr that's a nice win rate. :).

oossuuu754 said...

No way to sustain the variances are insane but I beleive I can exploit the edges somewhat. I try to employ the progressive system, start out $7 turbo, if you win go to the go to the $14, then $28 till you loose rinse and repete.

smokkee said...

avg duration: 1.3 min


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TenMile said...

Cotton Bowl/02/01/10, three minutes to go. Sorry, OSUuuuu. I was pulling for the Cowboys.