Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Let the Celebration Begin!

Well I promised a write and here it goes. As many you may or may not know since February of this year I have been in the process of going through a D I V O R C E (cue Loretta Lynn). Well last week I was able to sign the decree, right her the checks and move back into my house sans the wife but now with roommates. (Okie Vegas Participants will get to meet the Divorced Dad Trio on Wednesday July 8th) This divorce had been a few years in the making (last year we were separated from Feb until May) and finally came to a head around January. Now I know what your thinking if life wasn't grand why in the HELL did you build a brand new house with her. All I can is DOH! You see I am Buyer in daily career, when I get into a Jam I buy my way out of it, doesn't work in a marriage and even with the 100s of counseling sessions, I didn't realize that you cant fix (or buy) a marriage unless both parties really want it to be fixed.

Well during the divorce proceedings my Poker Playing was all but non existent online and in our friendly Casinos. I only played in a couple of home games where I was sure that I wasn't being followed because I didn't want to take a chance of losing joint custody of my son. Not that I think that poker players are complete degens but some judges might view otherwise and I wouldn't put anything past the ex as her true ugly colors showed up brilliantly over the last few weeks. Hence this is why the hiatus from online (BBT) and lack of posting. But now I am back, broke but back (no Waffles not BrokeBack like you dream about) I am trying to build up my bankroll to post DIVORCE, but cards have be rough (KJ vs K6 2KK flop allin $1300 pot 6 on the turn A on River) but I will hit my stride by the time Okie Vegas gets here.

I am real excited to hosting Wednesday night of "Okie Vegas" I am throwing a DIVORCE, 40th, Tragedy Wedding, and any other reason party that night and if you want to come drop me a line and I will give you directions. I hope to get some poker hands and what not up but until I get some bankroll winning I cant really play my game of choice which is HU cash.

Anyways feel free to leave comments and hit me on facebook if you haven't already.

Until then I give you a taste of what to expect at "Okie Vegas" Cheers!


Sean D said...

The Tragedy Wedding Party will have to wait until Friday. Unable to get off til then. But I'm thinking of all of you!

See you on Friday night.

"I don't care which one of you won, just shut the hell up and go to bed" - OOSSUUU754

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I wish I could be there to help in the fun. I hope everything works out well.