Monday, June 08, 2009

Coming Soon A post and return to my normal Degen Behaviour!!!

But until then let me introduce some of the characters you
will meet at the upcoming "OKIE VEGAS".

Our first character is BEER, this is the official Beer of "Okie Vegas"

Next Character is more BEER and my back yard which will be the host of the 2nd annual "Okie Vegas" WTF we are in person and playing the "M00K" online.

GCOX is the host with most! Enough said.

And finally everyones favorite "BEER BITCH" turd chaser.

I promise to have a post up with what has been going on in my so called life by the end of the week until then keep "loving life and living the dream"


Sean D said...

Ahh living, I remember that!

LE said...

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