Thursday, June 05, 2008

TOC n and House Tilt

First of all didn't play in the M00K last night, I just needed a mental break before the big TOC this weekend. Speaking of TOC, I want to wish all my fellow competitors good luck except against me. I will be especially pulling for the fellow Okie Vegas participants surflexus and iam23skidoo and while I am pimping support I will give a shout to cmitch since he is the only other TOC er I have met in person. This will be a tough field and I look forward to seeing who will join me in winning the other seat.

Man I am in house tilt. Wife and I have decided to build a new house and just like everything I else I do I become consumed in it. We will be breaking ground before the end of the month and if every thing goes well we should get to spend Christmas in the new house. What has me on tilt is the fact that since this is new construction and the builder is a friend of ours he wants to do a "one time close" and what this means is we have to close on the new house before construction begins. So no WSOP for me since all funds are tied up until we sell our current house which wont be on the market until next month. Oh well.

I will be publishing the results of my Bank Roll abuse at the end of next week. If you haven't filled out the 4 question survey please do so and also if you could pimp it so we could get a little better statistically survey I would appreciate it.

I leave you with this piece of advice, if you are going to get drunk in a Mexican Border Town don't drive especially when there is a bike race going on.


lightning36 said...

Be careful about being too confident about selling. I bought a house right before the housing market went down the tubes. My old house has been on the market now for almost 11 months.

oossuuu754 said...

one good thing about living in Oklahoma is we havent had the housing boom or bust that rest of the country has had. House is just up 20% over the last 4-5 years and the economy is still strong because of the oil and nat gas. I bought the house we live now 2 1/2 years ago and paid less the $60 a square foot I allready have a safety net offer at what I paid for the house so I am not to wooried.