Monday, June 16, 2008

Don't tell me I can't chat, that will only piss me off.

First off congrats to LJ and Iggy for winning their ME tickets in the big give online ME lottery
give away. Also congrats to F-Train for a deep run in the most sadistic of all poker games Razz. Go by and show some luv to them.

So as you may know I am on a forced voluntary hiatus from online poker to heal up some homelife wounds and see if I can stop my donkey like tendencies of being a full fledged BRA member . So last week after I showed my Jack Ace I withdrew all my funds, I mean it had nothing but zeros, 883 FPP points and couple hundred Iron Man Medals baby. I am going cold turkey.

So last night around 8:00 I was checking email and I decided I would check an see how many bloggers were still left in the FTP 150 give away, (BTW FTP nice scheduling on fathers day) I notice that Alan and LJ are the only 2 names I recognized. So I go to LJs table and type in Good Luck LJ take it down and get the most rude slap in the face I could have ever received.

"You must have real money balance or at least a token in order to chat during this tournament"

So I can't even rail, that is just too much for me to handle. This forced self induced hiatus is to much, but I refuse to give in, but I really want to rail. I remember how calming it was to me last year when the bloggers railed in force during my ME seat win. What to do ------ hmmmmmmm

I know I will enter a 800 FPP winner take all $26 token SNG. A mere 30 minutes later my account has $0.00 real dollars, 83 FPPs, 1 $26 token and I got to rail LJ from about 1000 remaining to right before she took it down.

Now what the hell am I going to do with that token?


Mike Maloney said...

lol, too funny.

I guess you have to keep the token for future railing opportunities.

lj said...

lmfao. thx for rail!

lucko said...


lucko said...

Needing blog owner approval for comments on this post cracked me up.

oossuuu754 said...

to many effn spammers that it why i turned on the comment moderation. I also can chose to "del" comments you know all about someone deleting your comments dont you Lucko?