Saturday, June 07, 2008

I am such a Jack Ace !!

This was the begining of the end

Dumb Dumb move on my part. Could have, should have but I pushed on a re-steal knowing he enough folding equity that he would have to have a real hand to call. Insta call, and I am now a short stack instead of cruising to at least a 3 way fight for the 2 seats. I think I am going to go throw up.

This was the busto hand, I think I had about 14K, I pooshed. Didnt have but was still steamed at myself. I jumped out of my seat when the K hit the flop and fell to the floor when the 2 outer hit the turn. Re-sucks are the cruelest sucks of them all\

I will try to do a better write up but right now I just dont have it in me. Thanks for the kind words and railers. Hoy sorry about the beat.


KajaPoker said...

well done sir!

Instant Tragedy said...

Still a good game!

See you in Okie!


Shrike said...

Nice result. Well done.

(Still amazed how that hand vs. Hoy played out.)

23skidoo said...

Good Job!

See you next month!!

lightning36 said...

Cruel ending to such a well-played tournament for you. Congrats on your WSOP package.