Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Live Poker -- Tourney Series Wrap Up

For Part One of this series go here and part deux here .

Last night was the 5 player SNG freeroll for the 6 week series we had been running. I was 2nd in points so I had $2k less in chips than the 1st and $2k more than 3rd. The 20 min blinds started $400/$800 and I had$18K to start. So the structure was decent but with only 5 people you could get blinded off pretty quick. I got AA on the 3rd hand mad a standard raise and got one caller but took it down with Cbet on 844 board. A few hands later I got involved in a big hand with. I QQ on the button and made a 4x raise, SB insta pushes and I ask for a count, I have him covered by about $6K and I didn't think he would have played AA or KK that hard pre flop so my read is AK and I know that if I win this race I should be able to the payouts (top 2 earn the tourney seats) I call he flip AQ, I somehow avoid the Ace and I am control.

I did have the point series winner to my immediate left and I had to avoid him as he did me. He and I laid waste to the small stacks as we were both catching some big cards, the small stacks would raise and either he or I would would have big pairs or big aces and set them all in. We weren't playing with each other but we weren't playing against each other as well. We just played smart poker with flat payout structure.

I eliminated the 4 th place player when I caught a Q on the river with my Q9 vs his Ace rag, and the other big stack eliminated the bubble boy when he sucked out on the river with J8 vs JQ on J high flop.

The tourney is supposed to happen at the Fire Lake Grand Casino in either August or October with a guaranteed $50k with a buy in of either $300 or $400. It will be a nice free roll.

The think tank Full Tilt must have seen their rake drop in the Oklahoma City area and thought that bonus to the donkey to rule all donkeys would generate the required rake they need to feed the 123 pros they support. And yes I am bonus slut and yes I have plowed through necessary points to get 40% of that bonus in 2 days. I am such bonus whore.

Hey has anyone used this service Rakebackpros.com ? I like so many other bloggers didnt have a rakeback when I signed up fulltilt so many years ago. I did some research on 2 plus 2 here is link and here is a link to FTPDoug on 2 plus 2 and this is a legit. I signed up with them on June 2nd and I waiting with crossed fingers to see the rakeback. So for all of you needing a rakeback this my be the answer to prayers.

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