Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MATH 4-30-07 and Some Cash Hands

You can't Bluff and Idiot! -- Doyle Brunson Season 2 of High Stakes Poker

Well that Sucked! Sometimes I truly think that I could (or should) be like Phil Hellmuth and arrive at tourneys 30 minutes late and I would be better off. Last night MATH would have been no exception. I was 3rd out, so I didn't even get the Gigli (that honor belongs to $mokee ) Two hands (of maybe the 10 total I was in) stick out in my mind. First I am MP and there are 2 (maybe 3) limpers and make a pot sized raise with AK, it is fold back around to IslandBum limps calls with JQ, flop is J hi I CBet, Bum calls, turn (blank cant) check check (I think) and river I make either a crying or a weak stab and boom I am 1K lighter in chips. 2nd hand I am on the button or cutoff with K10 sooted, and Waffles in the SB and makes a raise, one limper calls and I call and we see a rags flop with 2 hearts, Waffles bets and we both call. Turn is a blank, check, check and I decide to bluff. Now there is a little over $1K in the pot I have a little over $1.5K left. My read on Waffles and the caller were that they either had an over pairs or big Ace. Either way an All In bluff by me would be a tough call. After all what could an over pair or Big Ace beat except a bluff. Worst case scenario would be a call and I still would have at least nine outs or maybe fifteen. Well so much for my reasoning, Waffles makes a good call with JJ and the river blanks and it is off to the cash tables and maybe a few more $22 turbos before bed.

Speaking of $22 turbos, I didn't even try real hard and I ended up on 85th on the Full Tilt (Bonus Code OSU) April Low Limit Leaderboard.

Once again just another reason to play on Full Tilt (Bonus Code OSU), free easy money.

Speaking of easy money I have been taking Hoy's advice and trolling the $1/$2 NL 6 max tables. I finished up almost a full buyin in about 45 minutes of play and don't believe I ever once showed a hand down. I played good starting cards but mostly played position, when I didn't have position and felt that I was witnessing a formulaic approach I just played the player. Also employed extra flush outs on one particular hand thanks fuel

I will be going through my hand histories later if I see anything I miss I will probably update this post so check back later. I will be playing in the M00K on Wednesday and Al's Riverchaser's on Thursday and hopefully will be able to qualify for a couple more chances at another WSOP ME, the King of the ME looks like it may already be sewn up but who knows. I still think I have a chance at at least one more if not two.


SirFWALGMan said...

You forgot the board was even scarier than that.. with 3 4's.. I had to think a long time before calling you.. I finally reasoned that my overpair was most likely good and you had 1 card to go to catch a flush. If I was wrong I was not out.. so with those two factors I decided to make the gamble. Next time you probably catch me! Good game! That was alot of pressure on me to make the call.

oossuuu754 said...

I think that hand is a hand that maybe we both played right. I think I could or would have played it any different. I didnt want to push the flop because then it definitely looks like a Flush Semi Bluff, by waiting till the turn, I thought it gave my story more realism, set, 2 pair, slow played KK, and top pair with a flush. Your reasoning I can understand and if it was me in that same situation I would have probably made the call as well but with different results the flush would have finished. Anyways good game.