Tuesday, May 22, 2007

MATH Recap 5-22-07

MATH recap not much to say except I am a HEE HAW! I didnt get many hands the first hour, chipped up nicely during the second hour with some speculative hands that hit the flop hard and allowed me to climb into the top ten with 3 tables left. Then for some reason I decided I needed to play K9 sooted in the BB to TripJax raise on the button. We both started the hand with about $7500. I knew he wasn't strong on all rag flop so I fired the pot (about $750) and he called, the turn was a Q and fired the 3/4 pot($1800) and he waited and waited and called again. Now I figured the Q had helped him and I most likely put on AQ-KQ but if another rag hit the River I was going to fire the third bullet. The river was a J and I knew a jam would be easier for him to call than a 1/2 pot bet that screamed set value bet. So I fired about $2900 into $5600 pot leaving him fold equity him but showing him that I was committed and begging for a Jam from him as I have now pot committed myself. We he made a good call and i was down to about $2700 in chips and lasted a few more orbits.

Looking back on the play I don't really regret it, I wasn't catching many cards and I believe that I played this hand the best I could other than not playing it at all. TripJax made some really tough calls and was rewarded for his reads. I succeeded because I gave myself the best chance to win the pot with cards and situation I was in. Next time it maybe a set that I play the exact same way.

I was able to gain one spot (2nd) on the BBT Leaderboard since Bayne nor Iggy were able to garner any points. (This fact also lead to my decision to play a little looser and go for the win) Next stop of the BBT is the M00K on Wednesday at FullTilt (Bonus Code OSU)

Final note if any of you drive a vehicle like mine you can appreciate this picture.


lightning36 said...

Regarding the MATH - You can't expect to place highly in EVERY blogger tournament, can you? Or ... can you?

See ya at The Mookie.

oossuuu754 said...

I do expect to place in every tourney, since poker is a skill game. I expect my skill to carry me through even the minefields that are the blonkaments.

I can tell before a tourney begins if I have a shot mostly based on my mental attitude. I knew before my WSOP seat victory that I was going to be in contention. Sunday before the FTOPS ME I remember looking at the 3800 entrants and thinking man I got to be lucky to even place in this, and therfore I made to many gambles because I doubted my skills.

Am I a good player, yes on days, am I a great player, no but I aspire to have one great string of play in a "big" tourney. That is something I think I can accomplish

smokkee said...

i'm glad i drive a 4-banger (Audi TT).

bayne_s said...

Congrats on passing me.

I won't donk out so easily in the Mookie.

I'm glad I drive a Prius but do get a shock when I notice how much the price of gas can change in 6 weeks.

cmitch said...

I had my biggest ticket for filling up yesterday - $62 (drive a Durango). Gas prices are getting pretty crazy.