Wednesday, May 23, 2007

OMG!!! and That is Just Wrong Wednesday

First of all head of to king of luck blog and congratulate him on a sick run this week. Who else can turn his last two $26 tokens into $12K Main Event Seat, $5K Donkey Fest MTT Win and $1.5K 5th place. Congrats Chad! I think I speak for the rest of us that are non-enchanted by saying we hate you. : )

Here is a question for you who is the bigger donkey in the following hand. Let me give you a little background. 4 handed Fulltilt $75 satellite to the Thursday $1k ME, only the winner gets the seat. I had double up through the donkey about 20 hands early when my JJ flopped a set and turned the boat against his trip aces, so I have a decent image at the table. The donkey limps the SB fold and I mm in the BB and am dealt the "The Hammer", what do you do? You play em like Aces! So promptly pop it to $420, tardboy smooth calls.

The flop JsKcJd and I lead out with a pot sized bet that is over half his stack and he thinks, and calls. The Turn is Ac and I bet the exact amount to set him in and he insta calls and proudly flips .....................

A effn 10c5c ohh but they were sooted. He called off 1/2 stack on the flop with a 10 high. And then won the effn pot with a 10 high. After the pot he berated me for pushing with the hammer claimed he a soooo many outs that he had to call, yada yada. So I ask you who is the bigger donkey me or him. Oh by the way he won the seat.

Much like how the donkey above played his hand I will aimlessly and without any rhyme our reason post this weeks pictorial of the wild, weird and wrong. Enjoy!

Dont forget about the M00K tonight, I will be there and will hopefully pass the angry little blogger in the BBT standings.


Mike Maloney said...

Well, he's a donkey for A. Calling your preflop raise and B. Calling your flop bet, but you are the bigger donkey for playing the hand on the turn. Too many scare cards there that make me think he's got some kind of hand that he'll call down with. Too tough to play the hammer at that point.

10-5 sooooted? Good Lord.

oossuuu754 said...

Oh I agree I am a donkey, but I had to fire the 3rd bullet, and for the life of me the only had I could put on was an under pair. And I figured the ace might also be a scare card for him. Geez it is funny now but at the time I was livid. Of all the times for me to get cute with the hammer.