Thursday, May 10, 2007

What is that smell?

It's the Dookie!!!!

I haven't went through the hand histories yet. One hand that vaguely sticks out was this one: At the final table, 8 or 7 handed I beleive, in the Razz orbit. 2 or 3people all in by 5th street and I have them covered and knock them out with a 7 or 8 and we are now 4 handed and on the money bubble and I have 3 times as much as anyone else. I just start playing Big Stack Poker and eventually wear them down. We did play 3 handed for along time and I finally Rivered a pair of Aces on PokerPeaker in Stud H/L. Heads lasted one hand as I found A2X and figured I was going to go with it since Wippy only had enough to call 2 BB. I think I made 2 pair and scooped the pot.

As for the M00K , I didn't have any hands to speak of. The hand that I went busto on went down like this. I am in the BB with Ad7d folded to the BB who raises, maybe even min raises. I call and see a flop that looks like this AcKdXd. I have slightly more than what is in pot and I push hard figuring I am up against a bigger Ace, but thinking I have a full 12 outs. Little did I know the button was slow playing KK and I was drawing extremely thin. No Improvement and I am sent to the rail.

As for other news I qualified for FullTilt (Bonus Code OSU) weekly WSOP ME Freeroll and I will also be playing in the Gold Level Iron Man Freeroll this weekend. I have pounded no I have tilted away the online Roll pretty hard this week so I am scaling way back and going to concentrate on what I do best $22 SNG Turbos and satelliting into the Big MTTS.

Once again I apologize for the vague details in this post, if I can I will plow through the Hand Histories and correct as needed.

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pokerpeaker said...

You played great as well. Very well, Very aggressive once you got chips. You've played very well overall actually. Thanks for stopping by.