Monday, May 21, 2007

3rd Sucks, But 2555th Blows!!!!!!

Before I go any further head over to Hoy's and Cmitch's and NewinNov give them three a shout out for their 101st, 215th and 318th placement in the FTOPs ME. Some nice chaa ching going on over there, Hoy would probably still be playing if some tard didn't call his ALL IN re raise with a QJ, jeez, and Cmitch did a daily double with a nice cash in the Stars Million. Way to go guys. As for yours truly, I am overrated, overrated!!!! I chipped up pretty nicely with KK with in the first 30 minutes and was in the top 100 when I pulled a classic HEE HAW move and couldn't get away from AK on A6x flop when it was obvious the guy had flopped a set and that knocked me down to about 1.5K in chips. I hung around for almost 2 hours, clawed scratch and even got back to an above average stack when I violated cardinal sin numero uno, Never take things personal at the table! I had a tard that just was popping my blind every time and I finally said enough with pocket 10s. Now I could have made the same statement with a normal raise but NO not me I must make a statement, and that statement is I SUPER Donk will gladly risk my tournament with pocket 10s, OH by the way your pocket aces are a nice hand sir.

Please head my warning poker is not personal, the cards could care less if a tard is pushing ATC, when you make mistakes you will be sent to rail more times than not. That is the beauty of poker.

Now on to the Big Game hosted by Miami Don. I was not in the right frame of mind to be playing, In fact I was in FBT (full blown tilt) and it showed. However there are some key hands we can look at and hopefully learn from my mistakes.

The first key hand was against Cmitch . I was UTG and make a standard raise with QdQc and get called by Cmitch on the button. Flop J57 rainbow and I lead a 1/2 pot sized bet and get smooth called, at this point I am still liking my hand and put him on J, 98 or Ace big. Turn is 6d, which completes a straight for the 98 and puts 2 diamonds on the board. I fire another 1/2 pot sized bet and again get smooth called, at this point I am only about 50/50 on the hand. The river is an absolute ugly card for my hand, the Ad. I check with the intention of jettisoning the hand if the bet was to big but was pleased to rake the pot when my Ladies held up against his J10

Next key hand was the very next hand. I am in the BB with AQ ScottMc makes a 3x raise and RecessRampage calls on the button, flop comes 9c4sAs, and I check with intention of check raising, ScottMc obliges but RecessRampage smooth calls. Now this should have set off alarm bells, but I am in full blown tilt mode so It didnt and I pop the hell out of the Blonkeys too the tune of $2200, Doh! nice hand RecessRampage , should have known better.

So guess which donkey is dead last with about 41 or the original 49 runners still left. Hee Haw!!

I don't know what it was about that loss, but for some reason I jarred me from my tilt induce hazed and I played LDP (lock down poker). I was card dead but was able to win a few scraps but for the next 80 hands I didn't get above 1400 chips. On hand #105 I was in the BB (80/160) with AdQh and it is folded to IronGirl who makes a 3x raise for me this was a no brainer push and I guess IronGirl felt pot committed and make the call Qd10h.

Somehow I manged to avoid the suckout and voila I am up to 2860, only 140 less than I started with.

A few hands later I lost 1/4 of my stack on a button steal attempt with a Q10 soooted, I had to abandon this hand when the Ace hit the flop and and the SB fired. Back down to 1800 and in the cellar again.

About 10 hands later I raise 3x with pocket 88s and pushed the flop when only one over card hit. Chip count now 3120. Then 11 hands later I got my first and only pair of AA in SB, ScottMc made a push with the Hiltons for all of his 2400 chips and I was more than happy to call and excited when they held.

From this hand to the final table it was ABC poker, I did get cute Iggy on one hand but dammit I was tired of the little dwarf min raising my blind. Oh chit see rule numero uno above. When we got to the final table I was real close if not dead last in chips, but to be honest there were 3 monster stack and about 6 small stacks. Now believe it or not I had not suckout one time the whole tourney until this hand#247. 6 Handed I am UTG (800/1600/200) with 9.6K in chips I looked down at KQ off and push, Chad makes an isolation AllIn push and I immediately type "I need a suckout" as soon as the cards are flipped and I was obliged with Q on the flop and the unnecessary K on the river.

A few hands later I get most of Chad's chips with my JJ

GoatBoy took a horrendous suckout (go read about it) to get us down to three handed. On the very first hand of three handed my to counterparts got it all in and the short stack (and eventual winner) caught runner runner flush to win the hand and pull even.

Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda, Oh well. We played 3 handed of monkey push poker for almost 30 hands, with me actually taking the chip lead at one point but on hand 315 I found A8 and called and All In push from twoblackaces with pocket 5s and the race was not mine to win and out in 3rd again. Dam one of these days I will win a freakin race when it gets to three handed.

Don't forget about MATH tonight I will be looking to inch up one more spot or two on the BBT LeaderBoard . See ya Then.


Goat said...

You played a strong game last night, Extraneous U. Might be I play the MATH tonight, if so I expect to see you up to your old tricks and sitting one to my left.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Great Game last night...

COngrats for making the final table.

See you tonight

cmitch said...

great game last night

thanks for the rail support in the FTOPS.

NewinNov said...

Nice play at the big game. What a comeback. If only I had followed your lead.

Fuel55 said...

I think I may have outlasted you by a few hundred but believe 2300th and 2400th blow too.

Chad Carpenter (Yahoo IM: carchd) said...

I hate you, but you can help me :) You won a Main Event seat at Full Tilt right? Did they send you cash or what? Pleas help me :)

oossuuu754 said...

Chad they put the cash into my account about 2 days later.