Friday, May 04, 2007

But I still feel so empty and hollow!

Close but no real big cigars.

In the Turbo WSOP $1K qualifier I hit the final table in decent shape but absolutely went card dead. I cant count the number of times I saw cards like 92, 62, 23, ect.. Now I know what you are thinking, push and pray. I agree but with this structure (only the winner getting the seat and the other 3 payouts barely covering the buyin) it changes everything. People are willing gambool with ATC and would call you down 98, KJ ect... So you couldn't completely push with air. And don't forget it was a turbo so when we got to money bubble the blinds were just ridiculous. Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained.

Riverchasers was fun unfortnately I was playing it on different computer than normal so "NO HAND HISTORIES FOR YOU" Typical "Blonkey Tournemaent" sucked out a few times, got sucked out a few times. ( Fishy you know who you are) But in the end just couldn't over come the Luckbox and when my CBet met his top pair I was doomed.

Well at least I am on top the BBT Leaderboard


Mike said...

Nice job man. You have just been crushing it in the blonkaments lately. Congrats on overtaking Don and his two tourney wins.

oossuuu754 said...

Thanks Mike, I need to go ahead a seal the deal, 3 Final Table but 3 thirds have left me looking for the leak and I need to find and fill.