Sunday, May 13, 2007

Weekend Recap - Not much to show for 3 hours worth of work!

Just goes to show how long you can hang around without many cards. Big slick burnt my arse twice in this here tourny. First time I just flat made a bad play and I could get away from TPTK even though I knew I was behind. I raised in EP and get 3 callers including both of the blinds, flop comes 3h8hAd, both blinds check I fire out a pot sized bet and get checked raise All In by both blinds. I somehow convinced myself that there was still a chance that I could have the best hand since both of these two players had been splashing around in several pots and were at the bottom end of the chip stacks so I donk called and am rewarded with this, Dems Quads BEECHES!

Last time an open raise UTG+1 with the Blinds 500/1000 and 200 ante I decided to set the guy all in for his last 19K especially when I read my notes about him (R UTG AJ sooted) doh he flips up KK and I don't improve and bust out a few hands later when my pocket 4s couldn't survive 3 callers who checked all the way down and the river ace did me in.

Don't forget about Hoy's MATH tonight, I will be trying to inch back up into the numero uno position on the BBT Leaderboard.

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