Wednesday, May 16, 2007

That is Just Wrong

Wednesday's are usually a slow post day since I usually don't play any MTTs on Tuesday night. So I want to add a little humor and help you kill some time at work, which after all is the only reason anyone really reads these blogs anyways. I would like to start a photo journal on Wednesday which is called "That is Just Wrong" I promise to keep these at a "R" rating since I have kids and there are better places to go to look at BOOBIES IN POKER . I will try to have a centralized theme but sometimes the photos may just be random. I am also not claiming that any of these will be original, in fact several of them will probably be so ancient that you have seen them a hundred times before. With that being said lets get it started with our first look at

Thongs and Shorts gone wrong

Don't forget about the M00KIE tonight and I will probably be defending my Dookie title even if I am not a very good PLO player.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

My Eyes Hurt.

Doctor we're losing the patint.

Give him 10 cc's of Visine STAT!

bayne_s said...

so very wrong