Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Update for 4/28/07 - 4/29/07

BLEH - I think that can best describe my overall view of my weekend results. So here is goes........

Friday didn't play online because it was my stepdaughter's B-Day party. My lovely wife went all out for this shindig because 12 is the new 13. (huh WTF, just like 40 is the new 30, 50 is new 40, what is next?) But I did manage some live play after I left the hotel (the girls were having a sleep over at a hotel) I played 1/2 for about 3 hours and ended up about 3/4 buyin and most of that came in two hands against the same mark. Hand number #1 (the mark 1st hand) I look down at AQ on the button and limp after 2 limpers. I know this is not a good long run strategy but in this game it was, I want to keep the pot small preflop because these donkeys would call with anything so raising wouldn't thin field and I felt like I could outplay these donks with my position after the flop. Well the mark all of sudden pops it to $15 in BB, 2 original limpers fold I call. Flop comes Qxx rainbow and the mark fires $25 into the pot leaving himself $60 behind (short bought for$100) and I push hoping that he has 9s, 10s AJ and wont be able to let go and boom goes the dynamite he insta calls and flips up his JJ proudly and 30 seconds later is short buying again. Hand number #2, the mark is once again UTG or BB and makes a $15 raise and I wake up with QQ and push it to $60 preflop after an additional caller, the mark calls off his his last $60 and the additional caller folds, Mark flips up 99 proudly and is hitting the door 30 seconds later bemoaning his bad luck.

Saturday nothing exciting except one hand in a Fulltilt (Bonus Code OSU) 1/2 NL 6 hand max, where I won 1.75 buyins in the one hand. Cant really remember the whole story but I had Q10 suitued in diamonds and the button. Pot was raised by a short stacked and call by a LAGGY player and I called to see the flop. I flop comes down AQx with with 2 diamonds giving me 2nd pair and 2nd nut flush draw. So with about $20in the pot shorty checks and Mr. LAGGY fires aout a pot sized bet so I am going to semi bluff not really minding if I get called. So I fire $60 fully expected shorty to fold since he only has about $75 total and Mr. LAGGY has about $170, to my surprise short comes over the top all in and Mr. LAGGY smooth calls. Now there is about $300 in the pot and I have about $100 left as does Mr. LAGGY. My reads are Mr. LAGGY big ace and shorty who knows, but it doesn't matter because I am not folding this pot. Turn is a blank and I am going to continue to represent my big hand (in hindsight I should have checked big donkey move by me) and I push my last $100 and Mr. LAGGY calls instantly with AJ off. River is a beautiful diamond. (yes smokee I know I am one lucky mofo) I scoop a $500 pot after mr shorty turned up a K10. I know I played the turn bad but is there any other areas where I messed it up? Comments please.

Sunday -- Big Bleh. Had fun in the blogger bracelet race and never really could get anything going. I managed to survive to the final 2 tables and then got caught running a big bluff and bounced out in 14th. (Note to self, hard to bluff someone off turned trips).

I satellited into the $400K. At the end of the first hour I was in the lower 10% of the field, I absolutely did not connect with one flop (although when you only play 3 hands your odds can't be that good anyways) Hour 2 I got on a mini heater and got myself back to average. Hour 3 caught some cards and hit some flops and made a push to put myself in the top 75, when this hand comes up. Not sure but think we are maybe 250/500 I have about 15k and I have AQ on the button and it is folded to me. I make it 1500 to go and the BB calls. Flop is Qxx, BB checks and I put out around $2200 and MR BB goes all in for $6000, I instantly think set but am pot committed for the additional $3000 with almost $15K out there. What could he have ....................... hmmmmmmmmm .. oh the Q10, woot I have him dominated, until he rivered a 10. This just sucked the life out me, I am now sitting about, 7K and just don't have any fight left. I go a couple orbits without playing any pots, wake up AJ sooted in the cutoff and push a folded pot into AA in the BB, no suckout for me and out around 450th.

I also satellited into the Sunday WSOP ME 2 seat gtd. There were about 140 runners, 7 paid top 2 got the seats. I played really well despite my disappointing finish the 30-50 range cant remember. Got bounced by a complete tard who had double me up earlier when my AK sucked out on his 56 off after he called a big re-raise from me. But this tard caught two pair on a flop and crippled me, I cant believe this tard has won a seat, his only win ever. Oh well.


All in all I just played so so. I got myself in position to make some big runs but just didn't complete anything, or more specifically just didn't bounce back off the matt when the donkeys punched me. I know this is something I have to work on, I need to keep fighting even when you only have the chip and the chair

Well I will be playing in the MATH tonight and hopefully can add some points inch up on the BBT Leaderboard.

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