Thursday, April 19, 2007

I have a one in twelve shot now!!!!!!

I will be playing tonight in the WSOP ME 1K with a guaranteed 5 seats. This was the 4th time I tried to satellite into one of these, with the other 3 times with me busting early due to some horrendous suckouts. Speaking of horrendous suckouts, JAX laid one on me in the mookie last night. My AK vs his AQh. I raised he re-raised and I came over the top all in. Needless to say he caught 4 to a flush on the flop, turned the Q and rivered the heart for the salt in the wound flush. Oh well out in 14th. At least he didn't totally waste my chips as he finished ITM, good job TripJax.

By the time I busted in the mookie I was already down to two tables on the 1K. There wasn't any real big twists or turns just basically played ABC poker. When we got to the final table I was basically tied for the chip lead

Still just ABC poker until we hit the money bubble hand. I was comfortably in 2nd chips with a little over 10K, chipleader has a little over 16K. With blinds at 150/300 and 25 ante I am in the BB and dealt AJh, UTG open raises all in for almost 3K. Now this guy hadn't been getting wild, no monkey push, in fact I just didnt know what to put him on. My ranges were anything from pocket pair to AK, but mostly I put him was 10 10 or JJ. So I though long and hard, I almost folded and in fact I am not for sure why I called but I did and was pleasantly surprised when he flipped over these.

Now I was chastised for slow rolling, but how many of you would insta call in this position? Payouts 1st - the Ticket to 1 K, 2nd $298, 3rd $178 and 4th $119. I just don't know what I was hoping he had. In hind sight I think it was a bad call. Comments please.

Played about 15 to 20 hands 3 way, mostly raise and fold but no real big pots then i was dealt Hoy's hand in the SB and decided it was to push what I thought was steal from the button. DOH! He flips

NI HAND Sir nothing like getting 1/2 you stack committed when your a 3 to 1 dog. But there is always the chance to suckout, runner runner flush baby. GG and sorry.

Heads with about 17K to 15K and then boom goes the Internet. OH CHIT!

I run to the backup computer which is hooked directly into the Cable modem, WTF new download (I haven't played on this computer in a few weeks) and 3 minutes later I am finally back in the game minus about 6K of my chips . Now in the past I would have probably freaked and tilted, but not tonight I am winning this one.

So I remained calm played my game. And about 6 hands later this hand came up which is what ultimately turned the tide and set me on the way to slamming this one in the bank. I am in the BB and dealt 7d8s and I had taken a few pots from him to get within 3 or 4K. He made a smallish raise of 1250 (Blinds are 250/500) that just screamed steal attempt. So I called and the board comes K410 all diamonds, I check and he checks behind, the turn is Qd and I am flushed with my 7, so I check. Now I just feel that I am good. Up to that point he had been playing everything straight forward and I just felt like if he had a diamond he would have fired on the flop, but since he checked I felt he was afraid of the re-raise so I know that I am probably going to see this hand all the way to the end no matter how big he fires. He bet 1.5K into 2.5K pot which screams value bet, but I still stay with my read and call. The river is a 7h and I check again and this time he fires 3.5 K into 5.6K and again I call and Boyah I am golden and now 2:1 chip leader

I finished him off about 6 hands later when he pushed his KQ off into my A5 and boom goes the dynamite I am looking at 1 in 12 shot at the ME.

I want to thank Schaub for railing me and look forward to seeing you tonight at Al riverchasers, even though I may be pre-occupied with the 1 K ME.


cmitch said...

congrats. Good luck tonight.

Schaubs said...

I think I'm going to pass on the Riverchaser tonight cuz the Canucks are playing game 5 against Dallas - HUGE game and some buds are coming over. But I'll check in and rail a bit more hopefully.

As far as your call there, I think it was the right one IMO. I can't see how you would get away from that being five handed. But I do agree it was a tough one and the range you put him on was tight and conservative. Which is a good mindset to have in these winner take all style of tournies. Especially at bubble time.

Good luck tonight.

TripJax said...

CONGRATS ON THE SEAT WIN! now i can go to bed.

oossuuu754 said...

yes yoou can and thanks to all the railing!!

KajaPoker said...

If there is one thing you can count on Flush Tilt to provide is a runner runner club flush. Good job!