Monday, April 23, 2007

Weekend Update / "Fonkey" Award

I managed to grind out a small profit this weekend but was just disappointed with my play overall. Especially since I lost another Heads Up Token Match on FullTilt (Bonus Code OSU, Sorry Iggy) to Hoy . Oh the humanity oh the agony. This match was a grueling 20 plus minutes mostly because we were to busy chatting, (guess he got the Ned Beatty treatment in the 400K when his AA got cracked to a one outter KK) long story short Hoy flopped a boat, Turn gave me top and bottom pair and this just took all the fight out of me and I toked him up a couple hands later.

I am a Dum Azz "Fonkey" I would have been better off to out right buy my way into the FullTilt 400K because I think I spent $250 trying to satellite in to this $200 tourney. For this dum azz move I give myself the first ever "Fonkey Award"

I would like to make the "Fonkey" an ongoing award, nominations can be either yourself or someone you play with on the felt and then at the end of the year we give the Golden Fonkey out to the most worthy recipient. I will also take any ideas about generating more rules and guidelines to the "Fonkey". Maybe we want to make this a blogger only award and give it out at WPBT gathering. Comments?

I will be playing in the MATH tonight
trying to inch up into the #1 spot on the BBT LeaderBoard so I will see you there. And if you still havent earned you token look me up and I will be happy to donate. My stats for the month of April in the HU Token are 51% in 67 total matches, for a grand profit of -$0.63 per match. If I keep this up I my be cinch for next weeks "Fonkey"


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I love the Golden Fonkey idea man, but with all the blonkaments out there and all the blonkey play, I think it will be a really tough decision to settle on just one biggest blonkey of them all. Certainly not you for losing a heads-up match to me. Even the greatest can't really beat me heads-up consistently these days. Seriously though, that was a fun match and much longer than most of my hu matches go, so kudos to us both for outlasting each other.

And, while 51% is certainly not where you want to be in these things, it's not terrible. Just win 6 more of the 33 you lost in the month and you are stylin.

Maybe I'll bump into you tonight sometime before or after the MATH in one of these things. I usually try to replenish nightly when I can in the hu token sngs. So much easier than the old 18-person token sngs.

Scots_Chris said...

8-2 offsuit is gold. I spent your chips well oossuuuu.

And you still haven't told me the truth about the K-10 hand on the all hearts flop. ;)