Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Month to Date SNG ROI

Here a few Random snapshots of my ROI spreadsheet. The 1st and 2nd place finishes are skewed on the on the charts since I play alot of HU Token Matches I may change this to a ninth place finish to more accurately measure the finish. However the money and ROI numbers are correct/

Here is the individual snapshot for just the Turbo $22 SNG since this is what I play the most of.


WindBreak247 said...

Hey thanks for the turbo token SNG strategy yesterday!

Do you use something that helps you track all that, or did you build that spreadsheet yourself?

I was looking at some SNG tools yesterday, but the purchase price is like 1/3 of my bankroll, so I'm holding off for now.

Pokerwolf said...

Gotcha covered on the blogroll, OSU! Thanks for letting me know!

TripJax said...

Couple of quick questions for you that are not related to this post...

1) Are you a paying member at pokerxfactor or do you just use their free options? I was thinking of joining but their prices seemed a bit steep for my current bankroll ($149 up front then $25 a month).

2) If you are a member, what do you think of the services?

3) Any other things I should know about them?

Just wondering. And by the way, your recent comment on my blog made me laugh. How quickly we forget the bad beats we lay on others...doh!

WindBreak247 said...

You indicated in a comment that you had sent me this spreadsheet. While that's awesome, and an unexpected surprise, I don't think I got it.

Thanks man!

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

This is the shit when it comes to spreadsheet. I can tell that there is a alot of work along with it.

Congratulations on the seat and best of luck!