Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Sometimes the BULLS win

Sorry for the lack of post this last week, but I have been traveling for work and I just haven't had any spectacular poker wins to write about. I hit a major skid on some my recent SNG success but that was to be expected. Didn't think I could realistically keep up the 70% ITM on the $22 Turbos, I have since dropped down to around 50% for the month.

As for the MMTs, I played in the Blogger Big Game on Sunday and I am thoroughly disappointed with my 14th. I was the Big Stack when got down to 3 tables with about 30% more chips than 2nd place. Now granted I sucked out majorly to get that point on a few pots, AK vs AA all In preflop on to catch a K on the flop and K on the turn and Booya I am 20K with about 27 to go. I then proceeded to play big stack poker but with CAUTION. I would push when I could but back off to resistance, I only showed down KK and AA and each time the held up. Then this hand came up again on the Button

So I make 3x (I think the blinds were 300/600) to go and and get called by one the blinds which had about 10K at the start of the hand and MP limper. Flop comes xx9 two diamonds and the blind check and the MP makes a weak stab for about $1K and re-pop to about $3K more and the SB after much deliberation calls. I automatically put them on the flush draw. Turn is another 9 so I feel that I am ready to end right then and after the SB checks I put them all in and booya he insta calls with 89. Needless to say I frustrated beyond belief but I am still in a decent shape until I ran another over pair into a TPTK that runner runner a straight. NI HAND Sir and I out in 14th.

MATH last night was equally frustrating, were once again I was up near the chip lead (I think I had about 8K) when I pick AK sooted on the button. I make it 3x to and and get call by the SB and BB (or MP Limper). Flop come AJx 2 spades the SB checks, the BB makes a pot sized bet so I re raise all in (no spades) to chase out the flush draws and any Broadway draws. SB insta calls and I type in the chat "OH CHIT" because I only had the SB out chipped by 1K and the BB deliberates and folds. I instantly think AJ for two pair, but was shocked when he flips up J8 of spades for mid pair and 9 outs to the flush. Turn is a K giving me a meaningless 2 pair and the river is the crushing spade to complete his flush. Immediately after the BB types in the chat that he made a good laydown, which to me means that he folded a flush draw as well. So I am crippled and manage to double up and chip back up to about 3.5 K at the 1st break. The next hour brought zilch and at the start of 3rd hour I got caught picking on a equal size stack and had to fold to all in bet on my steal attempt. This left me with less than 2k with the points bubble approaching. Now I have never been one to try to fold my way into the money especially in MTTs, SNGs are different but MTTs I want chips and especially at bubble time. When I am short I will push hard with anything if I feel I can get chips. I dont mind bubbling, because I know the big prize is in the final 3. So when I saw a 55 in the BB with a UTG raise by a big stack my chips were going into the pot. NI HAND Sir as he insta calls with AA and I am out in 28th 3 from the points bubble. OH well, that is Poker!

By the way want to pimp the Blogger Bracelet Race.

I promise I will give a better recaps later this week. I will be playing in the Mookie and trying to qualify for the $1K Thursday WSOP ME at FullTilt (Bonus Code OSU) also will try to play in AL's River chasers.

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