Thursday, April 05, 2007

My 1st Mookie - Sooooooooooo Close !!!!!

Wow what can I say except wow! I had a great time and I'll take the 2nd place finish in the biggest Mookie Tourney date to the Back to Back champion, but I wanted to be inteveiwed Damnit! Oh well big Kudos to Don ,(cue the Waynes World Music) I am not worthy, I am not worthy.

First off I want tip the Cowboy Hat to Maudie . I had the pleasure to spend the whole tourney with her, from the 1st cards to her impressive 4th place finish. She played her A game was a force to be afraid of. You bloggers better be wary of the Okie Poker Players.

Now for my assement of the tourney and a few key hands: On hand number 89 the gods blessed with mighty hammer which I weilded for the blinds.

Luckily Maudie had access to the fulltilt Lipstick Camera and didnt want to tangle with the Hammer

The next key hand was number 168 and this help put in the Final Table. Iakaris raised to 1800 and I picked up Rockets and re-raised All In for 3400 and Lighting36 came along for his last 250. Iakaris made the crying call and the board blank now I am up to 7300 with 14 left

When I hit the final table I went stone cold dead and was pretty short stacked, I pushed the decent cards with position and was able to watch the others bust out around me. When we got down to 4, I pick up K7h on the button and called a standard raise from Maudie and saw my bingo flop

It took 279 hands to get heads up, the last 40 hands I played Monkey Push Poker, because of my short stack and the blinds in relation to the M's. So when we get heads up I want to set the tone again that I am "not scared" of Don's big stack, so monkey push poker again. I actually that I had a really good hand, little did I know

That Don had a better hand. And to make things worse we both paired our kickers. Oh well I am pleased and take a look at who is numero two on th BBT Leaderboard.
Here are some random stats from my hands at the Mookie
PXF Hand History Analyzer

General Statistics: (through hand 280)
Total hands played: 280
Hands won: 54 (19%)
Hands won preflop: 34 (12%)
Hands won at flop: 9 (3%)
Hands won at turn: 3 (1%)
Hands won at river: 8 (3%)

Preflop Luck Statistics: (beta)
Premium Hands: 5 (1.8% exp: 3.3%)
Strong Hands: 15 (5.4% exp: 3.0%)
Moderate Hands: 31 (11.1% exp: 8.3%)
Borderline Hands: 12 (4.3% exp: 7.5%)
Garbage Hands: 217 (77.5% exp: 77.8%)
PUFF™: 52 (50 = average luck)

Preflop Statistics: (through hand 280)
Preflop total actions: 281
Preflop limps: 11 (4%)
Preflop Raises: 45 (16%)
Preflop Bets: 0 (0%)
Preflop Calls: 23 (8%)
Preflop Checks: 3 (1%)
Preflop Folds: 210 (75%)

Flop Statistics: (through hand 280)
Flop total actions: 29
Saw flop: 36 (13%)
Saw flop in SB: 13 (36%)
Saw flop in BB: 13 (36%)
Saw flop in other positions: 10 (28%)
Flop Raises: 4 (14%)
Flop Bets: 8 (28%)

Turn Statistics: (through hand 280)
Saw turn: 23 (8%)
Saw turn in SB: 10 (43%)
Saw turn in BB: 7 (30%)
Saw turn in other positions: 6 (26%)
Turn Raises: 1 (8%)
Turn Bets: 4 (31%)
Turn Calls: 1 (8%)

River Statistics: (through hand 280)
Saw river: 17 (6%)
Saw river in SB: 7 (41%)
Saw river in BB: 7 (41%)
Saw river in other positions: 3 (18%)
River Raises: 1 (25%)
River Bets: 0 (0%)
River Calls: 0 (0%)


Chipper said...

Grats on your nice finish at the MATH. Found your blog via another blogger link. Welcome to the blogging masses.

Miami Don said...

Nice run last night. Well played.

I look forward to meeting again.

WindBreak247 said...

Nice job on your Mookie finish.

Cool to find an OSU fan. My OSU fandom is a little convoluted in that I'm a ISU Cyclone fan/alum, but I have family in Stillwater and LOVE the Cowboys too.

I look forward to reading your blog going forward!

TheSerpenttt said...

Thank you for the comment on my fledgling blog...I hadn't even created a links section when you posted! I have now and have linked to you...very impressive blog. I could use a few tips. Congrats on the mookie finish.