Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2nd Math = 3 way chop!!!!

First of all I will apologize that this post is a little short and to the point. I am traveling this week on business in Nebraska and the Hotel Internet is not the best.

My second MATH I had a little better luck and played some of my best poker. In fact this weekend I had one my best weekends in a long time. I won an entry into the FullTilt Tuesday ME, won a couple of the Tier 3 $75 token cash SNGs for $310 a piece.

Now back to the MATH. All I can say is Don is machine. How in the hell am I every going to pass him on the BBT? I played some great poker this tourney, earned some pots, got people to commit when I knew I had them beat. Made some laydowns that I am still 2nd guessing and made one call against Gary for 3/4 of stack with AK soooted when he made a re-raise steal attempt with AQ. In the end it came down to CMitch, MiamiaDon, and myself. We were all tired and had played 255 hands. We agreed on equal chop of the money ($312 I think) and decided to settle the placement by random luck. All IN on the last hand and may the luckiest man win. Here is what the hands looked preflop with the odds. As you can see I had the worst going in, with CMithc having the best odds.

Here is the way the board looked as Don outflopped us and scooped the massive pot which ensure his 2nd win in the BBT sereies.

See you at the Mookie on Wednesday.

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Schaubs said...

Another nice finish. Good job. In my opinion, you could probably pass him if you get in more events than he does. But sort of goes without saying. Good luck, see you tomorrow.