Friday, June 29, 2007

Work Tilt = MEGA TILT

Sorry for the lack of post this week but I have been extremely busy. In fact the last day that I had off was Easter. Now granted I don't have to go into the office on the weekends but I am on call 24/7 and the fact that my phone can and will ring at anytime can be quite tiresome. Couple the work load with the fact that my boss is a XXX Micro Manager who basically is under qualified for the position, and I am on a major work tilt that has my whole life screwed up. I can't get anything right, especially in poker. I had a glimmer of hope on Sunday during the Riverchasers HORSE event which I took 2nd, and I flash of brilliance in the early stage of the MATH on Monday when I jumped out to huge lead, only to tilt that off after I made a bad call against Bayne_S just because I thought he was trying to bluff me. I am getting know where fast. I so glad the BBT is ending because that now is becoming a grind, as you can tell by my early exit in last nights Riverchaser event. I have now matched my lowest place (5th) on the BBT Leaderboard since the it started. I am truly disappointed with my performance because I felt like I could really put together a good run here the last few weeks, now I am just hoping to hang on to the final 5th position come Sunday during the "big game"

Finally there is something coming up next weekend that I am really looking forward to. That is right it is my VACATION! No cell phone, no email, no pain in the Ass Boss, no one bitching at me because I cant get their products made, oh and I almost forgot I get to play in the WSOP ME. Pretty sad that I am looking forward to being away from my job more than playing in the WSOP.

I am sorry about how whiny this post is but I need to vent and after all it is my blog.

I promise Alan I will put together a That Just Wrong next Wednesday, then I leave you with this tidbit.

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Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Damn, sorry to hear about your work. But F it! Kick some arse in the Main Event!!!! If you final table it, tell your boss to shove it up his... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :)