Monday, June 11, 2007

Weekend Update for 6-9-07/Goals for the Week

Played a little this weekend with no good results. Here are the lowlights.

In $15K Silver Iron Man Freeroll I lost to TPTK, we he open shoved 7x the pot on Jd8c6d flop with 2 diamonds, I had Ad8d and called with what I thought was 14 outs twice but realized I only had 11 outs. Hindsight bad call by me but I stuck with my read and went with it.

Won a MTT satellite into the $50 Super for the $400K. I really like this tourney since it offers a 1 in 4 shot into the $400K. Well no excuses, I blew it. I finished about 100 short of the payday when I probably could have folded my way into. I didn't play for the prize and I should know better then to try to play big stack poker in these push monkey type tourneys. So no $400K for me.

As for my Goals for Last week let recap

  • Apologize to Waffles for the Riverchasers Tirade -- CHECK
  • Make the Points in Both BBT Tournaments this Week -- CHECK
  • Final Table on the BBT Tourney -- CLOSE BUT NOT REALLY SEE MATH RECAP
  • Win a BBT Tourney -- HAHA
  • Finish Reading FullTilt Tournament Guide -- DIDN'T GET TO READ MUCH THIS WEEK SO 1/2 WAY THERE
  • Walk with the Family in the Evenings -- SOME BUT NOT ENOUGH

I give myself about a C on the goals report card. I will try to finish up the uncompleted goals and add a few more.

  • Make the Points in all three BBT Tournaments this Week
  • Final Table a BBT Tourney
  • Win a BBT Tourney
  • Finish Reading FullTilt Tournament Guide
  • Walk with the Family in the Evening
  • Win 2nd Seat on FullTilt in the 100 WSOP ME Giveaway on Sunday

In the words of Curley -- "If at first you don't succeed, keep on sucking till you do suck seeds"

See ya tonight at the MATH

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