Friday, June 22, 2007

Cash Craziness / Live Win


I finally booked a winning day on the virtual felt for the first time in a long time. I decided that I needed change it up, so I fired up some cash tables. Now I will to be the first to tell you that I am a cash donk! It is part of my game that I just hadn't worked on. About a month ago I bought PokerTracker and PokerAce HUD (yes I know welcome to the 20th century) with the goal of trying to improve my cash stats and plug some leaks.

Yesterday the programs paid for themselves. I had a few hours to kill before my weekly home game started and I didn't want to run the option of getting stuck to big so I bellied up to a big ol .50/1 NL 6 Max table on FullTilt (Bonus Code OSU). Now I dont fish for juicy tables but I do look at the chip stacks and players per flop as a guage. I dont and wont set down at table with a bunch of short buyers, my ideal is several people at the hovering around the max buyin and maybe one or two big stacks. The table I chose had had the following stacks at it: 2 people $100, 1 person that had $150, one at about $75, and one big boy at a little over $300. I had stats on most of the guys especially daddy warstacks whom pokertracker had auto rated as a "Tight Aggressive Aggressive" so I want to be leary of him, so I thought.

Within 10 minutes I had double through Mr. TAA when he pushed JJ into my AA preflop. So far so good, I continued to play for about 30 minutes with my chips hovering around $200 when the following hand came up. I was in the BB with 3d3c, Mr TAA is on the button and makes it $4 to go, the SB calls (no stats on him but he had about $60 in chips) so I call for implied set odds. Flop is Ah3hX and I know that Mr. Tight has more than like just paired his Big Ace (thanks to my Poker tracker and PokerAce Hud, I see that he will play aggressive after the flop), SB checks, I check to give Mr TAA a chance to define his hand. Just like clockwork he fires out $12 and then the SB goes allin over the top for about $55 more. WTF is going here, no way am I folding a set here. I cant worry about set over set, so I put him on two pair or a flush draw but I then wonder if I can get Mr. TAA to come along for the ride. So I min raise the to $90 leaving myself about $90 and to my surprise and joy mr TAA pushes all in and I insta call. The cards are revealed and SB was indeed on the flush draw and MR TAA risked his whole wad on TPTK with AK. All I have to do is dodge a heart to win the huge main pot but at worst I should win a very big side pot that will issure some profit on the hand. The turn is 4c and the river is a heart, the 4 of hearts. So I rake a pot of over $575 and decide to take the money and run to finish up almost 5 buyins in about 45 minutes.

Later that night I am playing in my weekly home game. We do a $50 freezeout with $1/2 after the tourney. We normally have about 20 people show up for the tourney, with highs of 30 people lows of 14. last night I think we had 19. I was card rack early, I caught KK twice, AA and AK all with in the first 5 levels, so I hit the final table as the predominant big stack. We played down to about 6 people when this interesting hand came up. I was in the BB (800/400/50) with 9s7s and UTG + 1 open pushes AI for 3300, MP calls off his last 3000 and then I decide with 3:1 odds I have to call off about 25% of stack. Both players flip up KQ off (yes I play with donks) and I am golden on the flop when it comes 6810. As Fuel would say flopped straights are gold. When we got down to 3 handed it became push monkey time, won a huge pot with A7 vs KJ and had about 70% of the chips, we decided on a chop gave me 85% of first place money.

Have a safe weekend.


Mike Maloney said...

That's a sick pot, nicely played.

Chad C said...

You play goooot. Welcome to the waffles war!