Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I suck, therefore I blog! MATH Recap!

My state of the poker address in one paragraph. I am good player with definite dumb azz donkey tendencies. I make some good laydowns and some horrendous calls. I make great bluffs and leave money on the table when I have made hands. At times I feel invincible at times and sometimes I am afriad to play in $5 sng.

That is the range of my emotions right now. I am having a hard time controlling my inner donkey

MATH Recap: I double up withing the first 23 hands of the tournament at the end of the first break I was sitting pretty:

Shortly after the break I was moved to a new table and hit my high water mark of 11,790. But it was there the wheels came off the proverbial buss. At my new table I didn't adjust my play, I hadn't earned the respect of this table and I tried to run over them with my big stack. Now mind you I wasn't raising aimlessly but I was trying to dictate the flow, however several smaller stacks decided that anytime I raised they were willing to gamble. I would raise 2.5 to 3x and get pushed in on for 7-10 times my raise. Frustrating to say the least.

I lost 4K in back to back hands and neither of us played them wrong. First hand I am dealt AK in MP blinds 100/200 I make 600 and cutoff goes all in for about 900 more with QQ and wins his race. Next hand I have Ac10c decide to limp after an EP limper. Flop is 10 high with 2 hearts. Checked to me and with about 1K in the pot I lead out to protect my TPTK one of the blinds pushes for an additional 800 with Kh10h and filled his flush on the river.

So at the end of hour 2 I am mid pack with about 29 or so to go. Shortly after we combined to 3 tables and I didn't adjust for the new big stacks at my table. We were safely in the BBT points when for some reason my inner donkey just took over. Here is how my busto hand played out. (Warning the following hand description contains Graphic Stupidity, please be advised)

I am in the BB 500/250/50 with Ac9c and WilWonka is UTG and raises to 1500 leaving about 4.6K behind, folded to HOP who smooth calls from the CO. Flop comes this

Decent flop for me and I feel like I am ahead but not for certain so for some reason I check.(mistake number one why I didn't lead out a 1/2 pot to gain information only my inner donkey knows for certain) WilWonka checks and HOP leads out a pot sized bet, which I somehow interpret as a mid level pair thanks to the Waffles/HOP war that took place a few weeks ago. (Dam you waffles even in your absence you somehow eff with my game) I push, WilWonka folds and HOP insta calls with AQ

The needless Q on the turn and GG all out in 21st. I was very disappointed with my showing last night. I am starting to doubt my sanity since I am doing the same things over and over again expecting different results. I am still 2nd on the BBT Leaderboard and 3rd in overall money won but I am nowhere near the level I was playing a few weeks back. Gotta get the leaks plugged fast I fly out for ME in 32 days.


Buddy Dank said...

I'm coming for you next!

WillWonka said...

Your standings on the leader board speaks for itself.

Funny thing on that last hand.. I folded pckt 5s and would have hit straight on the river.. Wouldn't that have made for a good story.

SirFWALGMan said...

I will not disagree that you suck.. but possibly you are also being too hard on yourself. MTT play by nature is erratic and something that looks like a mistake at one time is a brilliant move the next. These things are crazy and play with your mind. It is good to look at your game.. but you can over analyze too and screw up your head. Good luck.

NewinNov said...

Perhaps I'm think'in a bit simplistic, but don't you give the UTG raise some respect? And to top it all off, you get the smooth call in the CO. Right there I'm thinking one player has AK or AQ and another has some sort of pocket pair. Throw the A9 away, easy decision. Since you are in the BB, perhaps call as well but you'd better catch a flush draw (not the backdoor variety) on the flop or it's caution time. Maybe you were playing the player?

oossuuu754 said...

I did give the Initial Raiser respect by checking but when he checked I knew that he would have had to bet there with Jordan behind. Now Jordan's bet to for some reason screamed underpair to Aces, I just didnt see him betting that much of his stack with AQ or AK. Anyways you hit the nail on the head, the hand should have hit muck preflop, but my inner donkey justified the call. It should have been automatic but I cant explain what happend.