Thursday, June 07, 2007

M00K recap 6-7-07

I cant say much except made the points and made the best of the hands that I was dealt. With only 1500 starting chips you have to start out early with a bang and that is something I didn't do. I lost over half my chips early when my top pair and pot sized bet (25% of my stack) was called by a gutterball draw that made a bigger top pair on the river.

I was able to chip back up to about average stack when I was dealt my 1st pair rockets and was able to get a shorter stack to commit to his pair after the flop.

So at the end of the first break I was just about par, but unlike the trends of past BBT events the bustouts were happening quickly which meant there were some very big stacks starting to appear around me. Shortly into hour number 2 we hit the points bubble. Now since Bayne_S had busted out early I knew that I was going to gain some ground on the BBT but if I wanted to make the most ground up I was going to need to go really deep so I put on my GAMBOOLin hat. First gamboolin hand was this hand. My 88 against a limped 1010.

That took a big chunk of my chips but shortly after that I picked up the Hammer but I chickened out and oh how Fulltilt mocked my decision.

For my lack of Hammer Faith I was only awarded the blinds with my rockets deux.

With the blinds climbing to 100/200/25, A9 sooted was good enough to make my stand with my last 1300 chips against Elf's allin push preflop, her range was huge and I honestly liked my called given that fact. She was able to hit her set on the turn after I jumped the lead with an Ace in the door and then just for the added humiliation Fulltilt (Bonus Code OSU) slapped with two pair on the river. GG me out in 20th.

The Dookie was just wild. First of all it was a $25 freeroll and secondly it wasn't a Turbo. Jeez it took for ever (1:00 AM) because there were several Ghost playing that just wouldn't die. Schaubs was ghost that survived 2 or 3 allins in the blinds, then Schaubs signed into FTP and got to play one hand before he was eliminated. Lucko even made the final table as Ghost. I had a big chipstack at the final table so did Bayne_s but to be honest with you with on 3 places getting paid and only $12.50 going to the winner it was hard to get excited about although it was fun because the railbirds were going crazy and RadioDank was shooting out some crazy chiat. I double up a couple people with AQ vs AK and Bayne_s deliver the death blow with AK vs my Ax 5 handed.

Overall I cant complain about my performance this week in the BBT, I made the points in both events had the chips to make a final table on the MATH but donkey barfed them away. This weekend I am playing in the IronMan Silver Freeroll were 1/4 the field will get a payday and I want to play a few of the MTTs. Hopefully I can satellite into the 400K and make a score.

Good luck to all the Bloggers in Vegas this weekend I will hoist a shot facing westward your way. Be safe this weekend and my you have many success on the felt.

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GaryC said...

Hey dude,

Hit me up on IM (gcoxy25) or email me and let me know if you are going to be around for Okie-Vegas next month.

We've got lots planned and would like to have you join us if you can.