Friday, June 01, 2007

One Mistake is all it takes!

I am glad to see May go, it was a baaaaaaaaaaddddddd month. However, it sounds like a few others had a crappy month as well. So I guess it could always be worse.

It seems like every tournament I played was the same thing. Start off decent and then one little mistake would either wipe me out or start me on the road to ruin. So I ask you the question, Have you ever played a totally mistake free tourney?

Sure there have been times when maybe you played mostly mistake free or maybe your mistake didn't get caught but I doubt if anyone can ever say the played a mistake free tourney.

OK so I am cruising along in Al's Rvierchasers event last night, I am catching some cards and then I am dealt AA UTG, So I make a 2.5 BB bet and get called by one of the blinds, flop comes 96x rainbow and the blind fires a 3/4 pot sized bet. HMM .... did this guy hit a set, nah If he hit a set he would check and let me bet so I min raise back to feign a weak steal attempt and please when he calls. The turn is another blank and he checks so here I firmly feel that I am ahead, now here is where I want to set the trap, I check as well to firmly entrench that my weak raise was just that. River is another blank and blind fires about 1/3 pot bet, so I wait just a bit and push hoping that I have sold the AK charade and right on Que I am called by JJ and sitting numero uno.

The very next hand I am moved to a new table and that is where the wheels came off the wagon. Maybe two hands at the new table I dealt A9 suited in the BB and a MP player pushes all in for about 350 chips, the button smooth calls and SB folds and I make the mistake of putting a squeeze on the Button. The Button started the hand with about 2600, I have around 5900 so I push to trap the dead money and low behold the button calls and flips up AK. Very well played sir. I don't know if he planned it that way but it definitely worked out as he doubled I am now at 3200 chips, from there I just ran into one thing after another, my raises were re-raised all in, and then this hand came up. I get AK in the SB was folded to me I smooth call BB checks, the flop comes K7x I lead out BB calls, turn is a blank I check wanting to induce a bluff if he does have the K or even the 7, the BB fires pot sized I check raise enough to put him in and boom he insta calls with K7. NI HAND SIR. I don't think I did anything wrong and don't think there was anything I could do because the BB would have called a raise preflop at least I would have.

Now I am down to about 1100 and a about 9 hands later I am dealt AK yet again UTG I raise to 300, the button re raises and the SB goes All In. So what do you do? I can fold but I am at an M of less than 8 or I can make my stand here and have a chance to triple up. I just don't give either of them credit for either AA or KK and besides if I call it is likely the button might fold. So I call and the button does fold and I am happy to be in a race with 1010 but soon on the rail as I blank out.

All in all I don't feel real bad about the way I played except for the squeeze play. This was my one mistake since I didn't need to play a big pot in that spot. Looking back I don't believe I would have respected a squeeze by a big stack in BB either and I should have either called or even better just folded and let them fight it out and preserved my chips. Guess I didn't use good judgement and it cost me.
Ted Forrest made a profound statement in the Full Tilt Tournament Guide. The statement was it is easy to get a big stack but it is extremely difficult to keep one. Too bad I read that after the tourney.


bayne_s said...

I can honestly say I have played 1 mistake free tournament.

I have even told Howard Lederer, Gavin Smith and John D'Agostino story of my play in tournament and they agreed there was no mistakes.

oossuuu754 said...

was it at the aussie millions, If so I read your post sounds like you just was unlucky. But let me ask you this, did you miss a bet, ect... I beleive the perfect game is a holy grail so to speak.

bayne_s said...


My perfectly played poker tourney was my first.

I was in BB with 2s2c.

Action was folded to button who limped and SB completed.

I checked my ducks.

Flop was 2h2d4d.

BB bet pot, I smooth called, button raised.
SB re-raised, I smooth called, Button pushed, SB called, I called.

Button has Ad3d.

SB has 4h4c.

Turn is 4s.

River is 5d.

No matter what I do post flop I lose to the SB.