Monday, June 04, 2007

Goals for the Week 6-4-07

  • Apologize to Waffles for the Riverchasers Tirade
  • Make the Points in Both BBT Tournaments this Week
  • Final Table on the BBT Tourney
  • Win a BBT Tourney
  • Finish Reading FullTilt Tournament Guide
  • Walk with the Family in the Evenings
So there are my Goals for the week. Lets get one of them accomplished right now. I owe Waffles an apology for my tirade during the Riverchasers Horse Event on Sunday. I told him: FU, I called him a classless douche bag, and I may have called him phucktard, dum azz bastard. I hope I didn't forget any. Anyways I do owe him an apology, I understand his taunting and off the cuff remarks are what make Waffles, Waffles. He is like a car wreck or picture of a decapitated body , you don't want to look but you cant help yourself. Waffles I am sorry.

The others are pretty self explanatory. I hope to catch Bayne_S on the BBT Leaderboard but I must say he is making it mighty tough. Very impressive sir.

See ya at the MATH tonight.


SirFWALGMan said...

Never need to apologize to me man! I give it out in fun and take it the same way.

Mike Maloney said...

Bayne's been ridiculous lately. Good luck catching him, I just want to get my Top 5 status back. Or at the very least get back ahead of Wawfuls. Ugh, that alone makes me sick to my stomach.

See you at the final table tonight. (Or on the rail after the first hour, either one)

bayne_s said...

I posted hand history of my perfect tourney as comment to earlier post.

It's good to see I have not broken your spirit. I do have $20 on you with Blinders.

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Gotta say , love the walk with the family one.

Good Goal.

May you reach all of them

I Hate AK :-)