Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Table 173 - Seat 6 for about 4hours

Most of you probably heard that I failed to make it into day 2, well here is how it went down.

Table draw was a pretty good mix of no names with one name I recognized David Angel . For the first couple of orbits is was raise and take with the one seat and nine seat being the aggressors. I played about 3 hands, flopping a set 10s, checking raising on a bluff with KQ sooted on a 8xx board and Cbet AK on a Kxx flop, this allowed me to get to about 23K and then I played a big pot with the aggressive one seat. He had raised my blind about three times and I decided to reraise 3x with AKo, he called. I CBet XdXdX flop and was called again, turn was check check. At this point I had on AJ-AK then the 3d hit the river, he made a pot sized bet that I called thinking that my read was still correct and that he was just making a stab and I was spot on with my read AK however they were both diamonds and I was now around 13K. From there I battled back up to about 18K prior to the first break by playing 8d5d on the button after 4 players limped and I was able to get the right odds to fill my straight on the river when one of Steve Danneman's home game buddies only bet about 1/5 of the pot on the turn.

Hour 3 started off promising with me finding AA and re raising David Angel's UTG raise, he pondered but laid it down which was a bit disappointing but brought me back to almost 20k. I tried limping in MP with 55 but folded to raise 600 and Button re-raise 2000, even though my implied odds were there I didn't want to gamble 1/10 my stack out of position. About 30 minutes passed and I had dwindled down to about 16K when I founder two black Jacks UTG, I made it 600 go and UTG +2 smoothed called, BB and SB both folded. Now my read on the UTG + 2 was neutral, he hadn't been outline but was a little more active than most of the people at the table, he had a stack of 20-22 k. The was 3h2h2d and I lead 1200 and am confused when I get min raised up to 2000. I couldn't put him on a 2, so my initial read was AK maybe of heart draw or 55-1010, I needed more information so I re-raised him to 6000, he thought for a second and called. With about 8000 left I was faced with a decision when the Qd hit the turn, I thought for a minute but my read was still mid pair or flush draw, he could have the AQ hearts but I decided that I was going to continue to represent my big hand I pushed all in, he insta called with two red Aces, another Q on the river and I hit the rail very disappointed. His hand that caught me by suprise considering the way the hand played out with him not re raising preflop, I guess I understand the smooth call of the RR on the flop, because it would be hard for him to not be convinced his hand was a head but he definitely gave a great chance to catch another Jack or get a way from the hand if an Ace or K heart or even a 5-10 hits, the Qd was one the few cards I felt couldn't have helped his hand.

All in all I very disappointed and discouraged, I played some 2-5 the next day for a few hours but all in all that was about it. I did enjoy meeting fuel and cmitch but unfortunately didn't get to meet lucko or chad.

I will hopefully hook up with a few of the bloggers that are coming to Okie Vegas next week.

Thanks once again for all the text messages and emails of support.


Fuel55 said...

Tournament poker blows.

GaryC said...

So rigged....still had to be a great time.

We are in the book, Gary and Carrie Cox on Eastman Drive.

Holler yo,


Schaubs said...

A great experience for sure. Fuel is just a bitter sore loser... JK JV.

At least it didn't cost you a real 10K.