Sunday, July 22, 2007

The after effects of Okie - Vegas

Warning to all who hang with bloggers Hammeritis is contagious! Tonights 50/50, Action was raise, call, hammer push allin, fold and AQ call. I have learned not to doubt the power of hammer.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Sean said...

Next time I promise I'll take off the weekend so we can talk some Red Raider action.

Which brings up the point... Wanna come down for a game?

Let me know!

all my best

Sean aka IT

yestbay said...

Great meeting you this weekend at Okie-Vegas!

Good to see you using this dangerous weapon in your poker arsenal; the Hammer is awesome in its power, ain't it? When wielded properly, of course. Always read the warning label and proceed with caution.

Maudie said...

It was a pleasure meeting you, Eric... I can almost forgive your poor choice in colors - who wears orange and black other than on halloween???

Buzz me if you get inspired to head down this way for a romp at the Riverwind, 'k?

F-Train said...

Lindgren = donkey compared to you. After all, you are Gigli!

katitude said...

It was great to meet you - hope to see you at the next blogger event :-)

surflexus said...

OoSsUuu!!!!! Hit me up on e-mail when you get a chance and let me know when you're coming to ATL!
surflexus AT comcast DOT NET