Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bloody Wednesday

One of the worst days online in quite a while. In the Cash Games I was stacked several times. My draws never got there, my sets were sucked out on, KK in the BB vs an aggressive button with AA, and donkeys who don't go beyond level one thinking. I am going to stick to nut pedalling, people cant lay down top pair at any level.

M00k was fun but brutal. I got chastised by an individual for calling an All In Re raise with A6 on 457 flop, when I knew he more than likely had just an overpair. I had him covered, and even if I missed still would have had 12 plus BB. I hit and cruised into the break in the top 5, second hour was just horrendous. I knocked out a few people and was sitting firmly in the top 5 when the wheels came off. I can't remember the details, but I know I double up a shorty when I bet my top pair on Qxx flop from the SB and he just happened to have bottom 2. I doubled up a mid stack when I re raised from the button with AK out flopped their JJ only to see them river a set. And the fatal blow was this hand. I was in the BB with a 6h2h, limped in MP and the SB folds, I check and we see a flop of 8h2cXh. I bet the pot which was about 1/4 of my stack and the limper who has me covered slightly pushes, I call because there is no way I am getting away from 14 out twice. The limper turns over 9x9h for the over pair, turn card is Xh, river is Xh and I am runner runner counterfeited for the higher flush. Fawk me!!!

During the M00K i was also playing the 50/50 I was consistently hanging around the top 30 through the 2nd break. I had been catching cards and was moved to a table were I was the chipleader. We were starting to get close to the bubble blinds were 300/900/25 and a MP raised to 900. The MP was the 2nd largest stack with about 12K, I had 14K. I have AQ on the button and decide it is time for the patent pending Hoy Re-Steal, so knowing that the MP will have to fold anything but AA, KK, QQ since the bubble approaches. Rule number in online poker

The MP Insta Calls with 99, I mean he never even thought about it. I would have been different if I had been showing down chit cards but image was OK. I had been bullying the table but I had not shown down one single crap hand. I didn't improve was crippled but managed to make the money but Cheeze and Rice how do you make that call.

So that was that. I might head down to RiverWind Casino tonight and hook up with Bloggers who are in for Okie-Vegas.


Mike Maloney said...

Yeah, the more and more I play, the more sure I become that AQ is the worst hand in poker.

Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Only question is why shove there for the resteal? Like 3 times his initial bet. He'll call and I don't know what the board was but if it were sufficiently scary, your cbet should take it down. Shove seems a little excessive.

oossuuu754 said...

Good Point there, but if I re raise to 3000 and he shoves for 12,000 I am pot committed anyways.

Matt Silverthorn said...

"Yeah, the more and more I play, the more sure I become that AQ is the worst hand in poker."