Friday, March 28, 2008

Home Game Yum! (I mean Fun)

Last night was our home Game. Our usually lineup is $50 freezout with T3700 and 20 min blinds that start at 25/50. We ususually will have a min 20 plus runners and they bust we start up 1/2 NL game with a max 10 people. Once in a while we will do a$100 freeze and last night was just such occassion. We had a total 17 runners (not uncommon with the higher buyin) and low and behold I won.
Pretty ABC poker except the following suckout hand that propel me into the chip lead for good. With blinds 200/400, the UTG pushes all in for $3900 (now he could have a vairety of hands but I put him on pp because of the nature of his push, also he is much more likely to limp with a monster) folded to button who calls all in for about $1900. I am in the BB with KJo and I tank. I know I am behind but feel that I getting close to 2:1 odds with a chance to knock out 2 of the 7 remaining. I also will still have about $4k left. I call, UTG tables AK (doh misread) Button tables A10 (correct read). So I drawing to J and low behold Js on the Flop and the K on the river and bingo I am dominant chip stack with 5 left. From there I abused the table with one to go until the bubble. It took about an hour to pop the bubble and then only about 20 minuntes to end the whole thing. All in all, ended up netting $800 for the night.

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