Thursday, March 13, 2008

1 in 12 shot, I like my odds!

Well I qualified for the $1K WSOP ME satellite on my first try. Here are a few random pics, with just some random comments

During the first few hours it was pretty much raise or fold for me. I busted the last 2 people before the final table so as you can see I had a comfortable 2nd place in chips.

The chip leader had been uber aggressive post flop. On this hand he smooth called my raise in the cutoff and then lead out on the flop. I think I actually may have been ahead but I chose to wait for a better spot.

The hand below the button raised and I put them on a steal, so I re-raised and he called. The call screamed weakness to me, so I assumed my top pair on the flop was good. I bet enough to commit him and as you can see I was basically drawing dead on the flop. Bad read by me but I still had 20x the blinds.

Here was the hand I decided to go with. Given the uber aggressiveness of the small blind I didn't think twice about getting it all in preflop. He did have a better hand than I gave him credit for but fortunately the Queens held.

The hand below I think I might have played different but my thoughts at the time were this. I have a chance to take someone out for only about 20% of my stack. The guy had just lost the majority of his stack a few hands earlier and could be pushing with complete air, in which the majority of the time I am a 60/40 or even a 80% against a lower pair. As you can see I had to suck out and we were on the bubble.

This was the final hand, I raised and he pushed preflop. I was willing to gamble since I had really big stack. I figured I was racing and with a 40X the blinds even after the call I was willing to take my chances.

Hopefully I can seal the deal tonight and head back to the big show

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Instant Tragedy said...

I hope you BRING IT HOME!

Good Luck!