Friday, March 14, 2008

Close But No Cigar

2 quick updates:

WSOP 1K ME Qualifier - 31/90 - never got anything going. Went out when in the 3 rd hour when cutoff pushed allin (3K), I called with A10 (I had 5.5K) because I read him desparate but the BB pushed and had me covered. I called my 2.5k getting 6 to 1 but knowing I was toast. Sure enough the cutoff had 10-4 and the BB had AQ.

Riverchasers - I sucked out huge against AA and then went on to amass a huge stack (23K) until $mokee showed up at my table. I then proceed to double him up and then double up 4 consective people, each time I got my chips in as dominant favorite and each time nadda. I once again hit a string of cards back to 21K, then back to 15K, then back 21K then back to 15k. On the hand after I busted out of the $1K, I woke up on the Button with KsQs, I popped it $moke min reraised and I called. Flop gave me 2spades and gutshot, I pushed with 12 outs twice (Flush and Gutshot), $moke called with AAs, Q on the turn gave me 2 outs but nada on the river and boom I am done.

I then procede to my local home game and took out my anger on them.

Have a great weekend.


bayne_s said...

I feel your fawking pain having 2:1 drawing dogs suck out on you.

oossuuu754 said...

bayne, I bet the pot with soul intent of giving myself the odds to call if you pushed.

I was just playing big stack poker

Instant Tragedy said...

Maybe that you are back, You can update your blogroll with some Big 12 love :-)

Keep Smiling!

ALRounder said...

Hey brother, nice to read the words of a fellow rounder/blogger. I have a new site I've been running for a couple of weeks now and I would really appreciate it if you checked it out. Thanks ALRounder